20 Cringe Photographs Taken At Las Vegas Casinos

You know the old saying: What happens in Vegas, Stays In Vegas.

Avid Vegas lovers have been living by this motto for as long as anyone can remember. Leaving debauchery behind used to be a whole lot easier before the dawn of social media, though. Keeping Vegas back in Vegas, only works when you don’t use cameras to document all of the idiotic things that you decide to do while visiting Sin City. Once you snap a picture and upload it to social media, the moment no longer belongs to Las Vegas and you. It belongs to the internet and the entire universe.

These twenty people should have ducked and weaved when cameras came close. Their Las Vegas memories will now live in infamy for all to enjoy.

20 Naptime For This Avid Gambler

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Las Vegas is known for going hard and never letting up. New York might be the city that never sleeps, but Vegas doesn’t snooze either, and anyone who has ever been there will confirm this. This vacationer should have gone back to her room and rested for a spell in between hands of Blackjack. Amateur.

19 Nothing To See Here

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Sitting next to Chewbacca while playing cards might throw some people off, but this type of encounter is really no big deal in Vegas. The city is full of interesting characters, and when they aren’t off doing whatever it is they do in full costume, they sometimes stop off at a table and try to hit it big.

18 You Have To Pay For That Dress Somehow!

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Huh? Okay. Shouldn’t you be engaging in other activities on your wedding night? This bride couldn’t be bothered with much past saying her, “I Do’s.” She had places to be, and by places, we mean the slot machines. Weddings are expensive, so perhaps she was trying to offset the cost with big earnings here.

17 Time For A New Job. For Real

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Working in Vegas is not always glamorous, and some of the jobs are not exactly what we would consider winners. Dressing as a gaming table while people “play on you” is maybe no one’s idea of a dream job. Let’s hope she is aspiring to be so much more someday. You can do better. We know you can.

16 Mmmmk. We Get It.

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You only love Vegas right now, because you are probably thirteen drinks in. At that point, permanent markers and skin always seem like a good idea. Tomorrow will be a whole other story. Thank goodness she didn’t end up passing by a tattoo parlor. This could have been much worse.

15 Love Is Love

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These vacationing bros did their very best to recreate the Wolfpack from the movie The Hangover while hanging in Vegas. Nice try, fellas. When you mix very late nights and plenty of adult beverages with the Las Vegas lifestyle, this is often the result. People drop like flies all over the place.

14 Someone Doesn’t Like Losing

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It’s painful to see all of your hard-earned cash go down the drain in Sin City. More people end up losing than hitting it big, that’s just the way it is. This guy really took his loss hard and tried to get his money the only way he could think of…by destroying the slot machine. We are pretty sure he came up empty-handed.

13 This Is What Happens When You Don’t Gamble Responsibly

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Some people take Las Vegas way too seriously. This guy didn’t want to chance leaving his slot machines, so he made camp right there on the casino floor. He is just going to take a quick nap and then get right back at it. He is clearly on a mission to win some big money. We’ll see what casino security has to say about this.

12 That Hat Will Earn You Your Bachelorhood My Friend

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Couples’ trips to Vegas can be a lot of fun. They can also be a little bit awkward; take this couple, for example. He proudly has his arm around his number one gal, while they get their picture taken. He is also wearing a degrading, questionable balloon hat. Maybe this image is one they choose not to show their future children.

11 Girls Really Will Take A Picture With Just About Anything

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Girls doing Vegas will make just about anything a picture-worthy moment. There is no strange occurrence or inappropriate moment that doesn’t qualify as a perfect possible selfie. This trio of fun couldn’t pass up an opportunity to snap a picture with a sleepy, gambling grandpa. You know this went right to The Gram.

10 This Looks Like As Good A Place As Any To Catch A Quick Nap

woman in party dress asleep in hotel hallway

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Casinos are known for being extremely loud and bright. The key to a busy floor is to keep everyone awake and gambling their money away, after all. This lady was no match for Vegas, and no amount of fun and flash could keep her from tanking out right in front of the ladies’ room.

9 Come On, Beverly! Just Get Up There. It Will Be Funny.

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Las Vegas is a place where even the most demure Grannie lets everything hang out. The elderly go bananas here! This particular Grandma was on top of the world, and on top of the slot machines when she stopped into Sin City to piddle away her retirement checks. Do you, Grandma, do you.

8 Is That Your Real Hair?

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Here comes the most obvious Vegas hairstyle the world has ever seen. Someone came ready to par-taaaay! At least he can just shave that entire monstrosity off of his skull when he returns home. To his credit, this is a pretty awesome spray paint job. We can’t take that away from him.

7 Grandma’s On Fire

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Oh, man. Watch out Las Vegas; Grandma came ready to spend her dough. She even broke out the wild flame shirt and some gold chains. Whatever happens over there at the tables or slot machines, please know we already consider you a winner. Anyone who rocks this outfit at this age is a star in our book.

6 In Her Mind, She Probably Looked Amazing Doing This

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Girls in Vegas, who have been cocktailing since the break of dawn, will almost always get to a point where they are sure they are fly looking and absolutely invincible. This one was convinced that she could master the mechanical bull and attract all of the male attention with her maneuvers. She likely succeeded in attracting attention, just maybe not the kind that she was hoping for.

5 Well, That’s Adorable

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These guys left their wives, kids, and boring office jobs back at home and lived their best lives on the Vegas strip for a weekend. Grown men in ugly matching suits? At least their wives won’t have to worry about them hooking up with any other women. That won’t be happening while they sport these things.

4 You Know There Is A Real Meeting Of The Minds Going On Here

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These are the kind of people that Vegas is full of. No place on earth gives vacationers so much eye candy in the people watching department as Las Vegas does. Everywhere you turn, there is a Marilyn Monroe or an Elvis chatting it up with some other unique character. People here are wild.

3 Follow The Little White Rabbit

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When it comes to casino attire in Las Vegas, anything goes. A man in a bikini top and furry bunny ears? Yeah, nothing to see here, folks. In this city, nothing surprises us. Whether it’s crazy, flashy costumes, or barely any costume, nothing surprises us when it comes to typical Vegas fashion.

2 Flowers Are Soft, Like A Bed

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Oof. Doing Vegas is hard work. At least this party animal found a soft spot on the casino floor to rest his weary heard. While others will wake up on bathroom stall floors and atop the hard surface of a slot machine, this guy will awake after lying in a bed of roses, quite literally.

1 At Least This One Made It To The Elevator

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The intentions were there. This Vegas lover was doing their very best to get up to their hotel room before the lights went out. They made it all the way to the elevator, but no further. Someone is going to have to roll her to their bed. They aren’t making any moves anytime soon. Vegas won here.

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