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Nov 29

Traditional and Cottage Garden Paving Ideas




These suggestions can help you choose the right type of pavement for your garden, whether you are looking to create an English cottage garden or a traditional garden setting.




Antique-style paving is made of natural stone that has been "tumbled" to give it a weathered look. This process softens the edges and curves them to give the stone a weathered look. It is perfect for older homes that don't want new material. You can view the Las Vegas paving corporation entire collection of antique-style pavers by clicking here.


A cottage garden's design goal is to create an informal, yet welcoming setting that features natural texture and color variations. Cottage gardens are laid back, colorful, and fun. You can use a combination of beautiful flowering plants and a sturdy wicket fence to create a charming garden. Or, you could add a pretty rockery stone border to make a lovely lawn.


AWBS has a wide range of products to help you create the cottage garden of dreams.


  • Cottage garden paths and rustic paving


Beautiful Burnt Oak Brett Antique Alpha block pavers make a charming and attractive feature for your landscaping. Our aged versions of natural stone paving are realistic and appealing. They can be used to create a path or paved area for a cottage-style garden.


Our Autumn Mix is a stunning blend of light and darker browns, beige and pink. English Mist offers a wonderful collection of traditional grey tones. Our random cobble and mixed pavers are beautifully time-aged, from the Pavestone FossilSett's light buff to the stunning blend of orange, red, and greys in the Coastal Mix. We offer a wide range of beautiful edging options to help you choose the perfect edging for your cottage garden.


We can help you lay the perfect patio in your cottage-style garden with our helpful 'How To' guide.


  • Cottage-style garden features include fencing, gates, and garden features.


Wicket fencing adds elegance and class to cottage gardens. A wide range of wicket fencing options is available to help you create a unique fence. To complete the look, you can add a charming wicket gateway. You can also create a vintage look in your garden with hazel panels and willow panels.


A charming medieval gate can give a garden a cottage-like feel. We have a wide range of rustic and traditional gates, including the Charltons Cottage gate.


Arbours and tall structures can instantly transform your garden into a tranquil, romantic haven. They also make it easy to display climbing vines and flowers. All garden features, including pergolas, arches, pots, or other tall structures, add visual appeal.


  • Lawns, decorative gravel, and rustic walling stones


To help establish harmony between landscaping and flowers, it's worth looking into the possibility of using decorative gravel and pebbles for cottage garden designs. There are many options for decorative gravel, including chippings and shingles in various sizes and colors. A beautiful collection of rockery stones is also available, which are ideal for cottage gardens and water features.


  • These ideas are both inspirational and practical for designing a cottage garden.


We have a wide range of materials that can be used to create a cottage garden. Our highly skilled Landscaping team can help you make your dream a reality.


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