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Buying from Online Butchers: Is it worth it?

Dec 11

If you are a meat-lover like I am, chances are, you know that having access to excellent quality meats at affordable prices is important. We do not just want any kind of meat. We want meats that are free-range, ethically-raised, and given extra care and attention until they reach the butcher shops. In the middle of the pandemic and at this day and age, we are looking for more avenues to buy, market, and sell all sorts of commodities, even meat. In an attempt to satisfy this demand, local butchers in Melbourne are now bringing their goods and products to the internet by setting up online butcher shops. Now, you can have prime cuts and brands of meat at reasonable costs delivered to your doorstep with a click of a finger. 

The question remains: Is buying meat online worth it?

Benefits of Buying from an Online Butcher


Purchasing from online butchers definitely cuts your expenses by spending less for more. Buying your meats from bigger supermarket chains is pricier than buying from your neighborhood supermarkets and butchers. Supermarket chains have a long and multi-level supply chain that makes the product reach the consumer longer, with a higher price. The amount of middlemen involved in the process highly affects the pricing of meat. When you buy from your local butcher, you can avoid third parties because butchers get their meats directly from the suppliers. This enables butchers to keep their costs lower because they have less labor and overhead expenses to pay for.  You can save money on meat, fish, chicken, and other grocery items by shopping online. If you buy meat from a grocery store, it has likely passed through one or more third parties before getting to the shelf, which causes the final price for shoppers to rise. By cutting out the middle-man and buying directly from the supplier, online butchers help you save money while not sacrificing meat quality. 


Using the services of an online butcher allows you to save time and effort compared to shopping at big groceries. You do not need to spend time preparing to head down to the markets, endure traffic, and waste time zooming amongst the aisles or staring at display windows only to find out that they don't have what you are looking for. This lost time can be easily spent on focusing on your family, work, or even some me time. Shopping online offers a more convenient and user-friendly experience. With only a few clicks of your mouse and a search here and there, you can find exactly what you are looking for, get good deals, add it to your online shopping cart, check out, and have it delivered to your home. It doesn't even matter what time you order because online butchers are open 24/7! 

A Wide Array of Products

Not only can you benefit from lower prices, but using online butcher services in Victoria also provide an exciting and accurate shopping experience. Buying your meats from the internet gives you more extensive access to the varieties like brisket and different brands of meat. There are so many to choose from and you can definitely find exactly what you need without leaving the comforts of your bed or home. 

Freshness and Quality

Since online butchers and local butchers remove third parties and middlemen from their procurement system, you are always assured of the freshness and quality of the meats. It takes less time for the meat products to reach the end customer from the supplier. It does not matter whether you live in a small town or far from the city, online butchers give you access to prime cuts and brands of meat whenever you need it. 

Special Offers and Discounts

One of the perks of online meat shopping is the numerous special offers, discounts, and vouchers that online butchers can offer to their clients. They sell their products at lower prices, give lots of discounts, market meat bundles, and even allow their clients to customise meat packages for their parties or weekend barbeques. The internet has price comparison sites and search engines that produce search results that show you where to get the best deals. You can never go wrong with shopping online as long as you do your research. 

How do I order online?

The process is simple. Go and visit the website of the butcher of your choice, browse through their selection of meats, choose from a wide range of premium cuts and brands, add to cart, and check out. Online butchers make sure that your meats are carefully packed in insulated boxes with ice and gel packs to keep meats at the optimal temperatures so it arrives at your home as fresh as ever!