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The best garage maintenance tips

Dec 25

You probably haven't given any thought to maintenance for your garage door, but routine maintenance can help you see issues and avoid major issues before they occur. These are some ways to maintain the performance of your garage door.


Check the batteries in the remote door opener. If your door is slow in opening and closing, it may be that the batteries are failing. Check your batteries once a year and replace them if needed.


If your garage door moves in a whirlwind, it's likely to require lubrication. Make use of a petroleum-based lubricant for all the metal components of your door that come in contact with one another such as rollers, springs, and hinges. Utilize a silicone-based oil for all of the exterior PVC weatherstripping, the bottom weatherstripping and any PVC weatherstripping that is located in the sections of your door. Consult a commercial garage repair specialist for suggestions.

Check the Lights

Check that your opener's light bulbs are functioning properly. If not, you should replace them. Check to make sure that you're replacing the old bulb with the exact same bulb.

Outdoor Lighting

best garage tips While you're checking the light bulbs in your garage door opener, it is important to check all outdoor lights. Remove any dirt and cobwebs from the bulbs. Be sure there's not anything blocking the light. Check that any lighting that is activated by motion or noise are working properly, and check the sensors for these too.

Safety Test

Garage doors come with a security reverse mechanism that can help prevent accidents. Doors made post 1993, there are two systems that can be used. The one is the mechanical system. Put a piece of wood under the garage door and then lower it. If the wood is placed on the door, it will immediately reopen. It should open immediately after it is into contact with wood. If it does not, a specialist should inspect it. The photoelectric system is another method. When you close the door, place your foot in front of one of the sensors. The sensors are situated on both sides of the door, and approximately 4 inches off the floor. The sensor should detect your movements and stop the door from opening. If this doesn't happen then a repair professional must be sought out.

Most people do their maintenance in fall before the weather gets cold. However, depending on where you live you may decide to complete it any time during the year. The important thing to remember is to complete these tasks on an annual basis. If you see any problems you should consult an expert in garage doors and have minor issues fixed before they become bigger issues.

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