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Jun 20


One of your resolutions is to have a cleaner house. Carpet Cleaners Yuma has the solution for you: upholstery cleaning

The Christmas season is full of joys and messes. Furniture will see more frequent use. Increased use can lead to more accidental spillages of festive drinks, crumbs getting caught in cushion cracks, and more exposure to dirt and grime brought in from the outside.

Don't live with the holiday dust on your furniture. Give it a fresh start. Get your home cleaner and healthier by scheduling professional upholstery cleaning with your local Carpet cleaners Yuma.

Upholstery Cleaning Services Give You a Clean Slate

Not only are they a great place for accidents to happen but your upholstered furniture can also act as an important air filter in your home. By trapping airborne dust and other particles, your home will be healthier and easier for you to breathe.

Your furniture can't do this job if it is not maintained regularly. It will result in furniture that is dusty, as well as poor quality of air. Carpet Cleaners Yuma has the expertise to make sure your upholstered furniture looks great and continues its important function in your home.

Hot Carbonating Evaporation (H.C.E. With our Hot Carbonating Extraction process (H.C.E.), we can clean almost any upholstery type, including synthetic and natural fabrics and leather. Our state-of-the-art process has been shown to remove 98% of household allergens that are not living.

Carpet Cleaners Yuma is able to clean any upholstered furniture.

You can fight future staining and maintain cleaner furniture for a long time

Spills are almost a part of everyday life, but stains don’t have to be. Your local Carpet Cleaners Yuma technician can apply a special protector to your furniture as part of your upholstery cleaning.

While many furniture makers use a stain-guard when creating upholstered furniture to protect them, it eventually wears out and becomes ineffective. You can restore the fabric's protection by using an additional protector during a professional cleaning. This will provide you with a longer window for stain-causing substances to be absorbed before they reach your furniture.

Upholstery Cleaning should be part of your New Year's Resolutions

Are you having difficulty remembering the last time you had your sofa or loveseat professionally cleaned? This is a difficult task in these modern times. It is easy to forget how important professional upholstery cleaning can be without stains appearing on furniture.

Make a habit of cleaning your upholstery each year to ensure it is the backbone of your living area. This will allow you to have less to do when it comes to spring cleaning, as well as ensure that you remove any leftovers from holiday celebrations.

Learn more about booking a professional cleaning service for your upholstery. Carpet Cleaners Yuma is the best place to find a carpet cleaner in your neighborhood!


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