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AC Duct Installation Columbus Ohio

Jun 21


You have just purchased a quality HVAC system for your home. To make it work effectively, you will need to have a network of ducts that distributes the heating and cooling energy evenly throughout your home. Although it may appear that AC duct installation Columbus Ohio is a simple task for the average homeowner, it can be complex and time-consuming. You will need an HVAC professional to avoid costly mistakes that could delay your work and increase your overall cost. You'll feel more secure knowing that the HVAC duct installation will go smoothly.

Columbus Airduct Cleaning is a trusted HVAC and air conditioning company that can replace your heating and cooling system. Here are some best practices from professionals to ensure a stress-free HVAC duct installation.

Be sure to place the ducts correctly. It is important to ensure that the ducts don't travel too far to reach their intended areas when designing ducts. If they do, hot spots or cold spots will be more likely to form in the same places. Also, it is important that the ducts not be exposed. They should be hidden behind walls or ceilings so they are not damaged by extreme temperatures.

Insulation is a good idea. Insulate ducts in cases where hiding them is not possible. This is often the case with HVAC ducts that run through unconditioned basements, attics, or garages.

Size is a key factor in HVAC duct installation. The ducts will be less resistant to airflow if they are too small. Due to low air velocity, HVAC ducts that are too large will not be able to heat or cool the home. Your HVAC professional will conduct a room-by-room calculation to determine the heating and cooling loads of your home in order to accurately select the right duct size.

Select a high-quality duct material. Your budget and your needs will determine whether you choose sheet metal, polyurethane, fiberglass, or another flexible non-metallic material for your ducts. Each option has a different level of energy performance and durability. For example, galvanized steel and aluminum are extremely strong, but can be difficult to insulate. Fiberglass is insulated, so it is much easier to cut and seal. However, fiberglass is susceptible to breaking down. Non-metallics like PVC, plastic, and polyester are flexible but can tear easily. Talk to your HVAC technician about your options and let them help you make a decision.

Properly seal the ducts. Poor indoor air quality can lead to significant energy loss and poor indoor air quality. HVAC professionals attach the duct sections with screws and seal seams and joints with fiberglass mesh and adhesive mastic. To ensure that the conditioned air doesn't leak through the seams, they will also test for duct integrity.

Reduce seams. HVAC ducts are prone to air leakage. The better the ductwork is, the fewer seats there are. HVAC professionals make it a point not to use as many connecting pieces or longer single pieces as possible. This reduces the chance of duct seals bursting and leaking valuable heat or cooling energy behind crawl spaces and walls.

Balance the airflow. This is essential for HVAC performance. This is possible by having the right number of return and supply registers installed in each room. Also, ensuring that the return flow has the same airflow potential as the supply.

Columbus Airduct Cleaning considers all of these factors when installing HVAC ducts. We will not give you poor results if we are chosen to do this job. Our combination of unrivaled HVAC craftsmanship and customer-focused service creates a rewarding and positive experience that you won't find elsewhere.

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