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How do you hire an Event Caterer?

Dec 13
 As a full-service marketing company, one of the things we are most proficient at is managing events. We've been able to hook up. We have the right people to help you find DJs, bartenders, and other event staff. If you're looking for a caterer, the most important element, in any event, is the food. It's something we love as a culture to talk about and savor. Therefore, if your event does not have the right caterer is a red flag.

 Tips for Choosing the Right Event Caterer


 1. When choosing a caterer to use, take into consideration your requirements and the dimensions of your event.

 It is important to ensure that the caterer you choose for your event is able to handle the number of guests you're inviting. Also, you should consider the catering needs of guests. Sometimes, you may require both entrees and appetizers. If you have all the details in advance, your caterer should be able to handle the party's dimensions without hesitation.

 2. Keep in mind the venue of your event when selecting the catering service.

 It is crucial to think about the location. Think about the location (and the distance) they'll travel to cater your event. If they aren't present at events in your region often and have issues working with the location. Try and find a caterer that is familiar with your venue or at least has experience working with the same venue. We've had a variety of caterers set up entire kitchens for our events when on-site, in cases where there wasn't a kitchen available. If they're not willing to go above and beyond to ensure that everything meets or even exceeds your expectations, it might not be the ideal choice for your event.

 3. Determine how much flexibility you need from an event caterer.

 Hosts and party planners are faced with the stress of preparing for anything that could happen, so it's easier on everyone to be as flexible as possible. This is particularly true for food. It is crucial to have a chef that can anticipate and plan for allergies and other preferences. When interviewing caterers for the job inquire about any last-minute pieces they may have needed to come up with to gauge not just their innovative thinking and planning skills and their ability to work with others, but also how adaptable they've been for others.

 4. Review the event caterer's reviews prior to deciding on them.

 You want to trust that the caterer you choose will follow through with their promises. Doing a thorough search of your sources is the most reliable way to make sure you've picked the right caterer. If you heard of the caterer you chose from a trustworthy source, make sure to inquire if your colleagues or friends have had the pleasure of working with them. If you were suggested by someone else, that's the case too. Be sure to look up online sources as well.

 5. Examine the costs of the caterer for your event.

 This may seem like something obvious, but the cost is important particularly as catering costs can turn expensive, and fast. Take the time to consider your options and be aware of hidden event budget fees. There will be certain amounts of giving and taking, you shouldn't wish to have your budget too excessive or too low. Consider all of your expectations, the size of the occasion, and the types of food you'd like before deciding what you're expecting from the event.

 6. Ask for the certifications from the caterer.

 When you figure out the person you'd like to hire, make sure they're certified to meet the basic requirements as mandated by insurance and health department agencies. You may want to check on the person who isn't capable of providing these certificates before you cause an issue.

 7. You should be aware of the caterer's food preparation techniques.

 Consider how the food will be prepared and served if any offsite catering is required. This should be part of the event budget as well as in your master timelines for your event. It's a less expensive alternative to have your food prepared offsite, however it is only suitable for specific meals. While there are some limitations but there are plenty of cost-effective benefits. It is possible to have the best chef in the business who cooks meals on the premises however, you must be clear about how it will work before you say yes.

 8. Decide how many catering staff are required for your event.

 You'll need to have several staff members attend your celebration, which your caterer should be able to supply.

 9. Take a taste of the options offered by the caterer.

 No matter how well-written the descriptions are. However, it's important that you get a tasting from your potential caterer, even if they have not done it before. It would be disappointing to find out that the team included photographers and writers as well as no chef on the night.

 10. You can get a sense of the caliber of the caterer.

 This standard of excellence should be demanded of all vendors however, caterers are the most notable. From the appearance of the food to the specific clauses in your contract, the specifics are crucial. The caterer and you must be sure to discuss all the details in the contract to avoid any unexpected surprises at the end. Also, make sure you have worked out any kinks prior to the celebration.
 It's always a good idea to ask the right questions. Uncle Nick's Deli allow you to discuss your experience with your favorite caterer or experience with a vendor.

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