A Las Vegas man reportedly stabbed a man to death at 7:11 am after drinking two bottles of wine

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – A Las Vegas man named Andrew Cubit was reportedly “very drunk” after drinking two bottles of wine when he met a stranger in front of a 7-Eleven near Spring Mountain Road on April 16 and stabbed Jones Boulevard.

According to the arrest report, a man and a woman were in front of the supermarket when Cubit arrived and asked the man, “What do you want?”

The man thought Cubit was offering to buy him food. While the two men were talking, another man came and a Cubit began to act very aggressively against him for no reason.

Cubit pulled a taser-style baton from his vehicle and began chasing the other man in the parking lot until the man escaped.

Cubit then began to argue with the first man and a brief argument ensued. Cubit then went back to his vehicle and got a knife and began hitting the man in a “very aggressive manner”.

Cubit allegedly tried repeatedly to stab him in the stomach and neck. The woman with the man ran into the 7-Eleven and asked the clerk to call the police.

Cubit was gone when the police arrived. Cubit was able to identify the victim, who had been stabbed twice and taken to a local hospital, from a photo.

The police were able to trace Cubit to an address on Top Drive. He was taken into custody and taken to Spring Valley Area Command.

Cubit admitted to chasing someone with his “taser” but insisted that he did not remember being involved in a fight or stabbing the other man.

Cubit was admitted to the Clark County Detention Center for charging batteries with a lethal weapon and attempted murder.

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