A man was arrested in Las Vegas after stealing $ 41,000 from the Volusia woman


Volusia County Sheriff’s MPs said an elderly woman was defrauded of more than $ 40,000.

“”[The] The 80 year old woman is contacted by someone and says there are problems with your Amazon account, there are problems with your computer. You have to send us money, “said Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

He said the woman transferred $ 20,000 to the man. According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, she received a call days later from a woman claiming to be a deputy sheriff asking her to send more money to make the payment to Jeffrey Sorgatz. She did, but made up her mind quickly and called the MPs.

“They were able to do some subpoenas through Google and through websites and IP addresses. They found out that these two checks were cashed at two different banks in Las Vegas,” said Sheriff Chitwood.

The Las Vegas police came in to help. They said they received a video from Sorgatz showing the elderly woman’s checks cashed and then issued a search warrant for his home.

“One of the canceled checks along with a shipping label was recovered,” said Sheriff Chitwood.

Often times, victims never see their money again. This victim gets their money back.

“She notified us immediately. Some people are embarrassed and don’t want to say anything, don’t want their families to know,” said Sheriff Chitwood.

He said the victim was lucky in this case too because her money was not deposited into offshore accounts. Instead, he put it in a JP Morgan account for MPs to find.

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