Adrien Broner scored $ four million within the assault on the Las Vegas Strip

A Las Vegas judge approved a $ 4 million verdict against four-weight world champion boxer Adrien Broner, who was being sued by a man he hit and knocked unconscious on the Strip.

The 2017 attack was videotaped when Broner pushed a woman, beat Carlos Gonzalez, and knocked him unconscious.

The fighter then repeatedly dodged serving the lawsuit filed by attorney Ash Ganier in early 2018 before District Judge Adriana Escobar granted a default judgment motion on Tuesday.

Gonzalez, a single father who is now 30, still suffers from frequent headaches and lost his driver’s license due to persistent medical problems, including nausea and dizziness, his lawyer said. The Las Vegas resident also broke a tooth, causing permanent damage.

“The incident itself was completely unprovoked and it really is a threat to society,” said Ganier. “It has a lot of implications for the daily life of (Gonzalez).”

Because Broner ignored the lawsuit for so long, Ganier admitted that raising the money from the verdict could become another battle.

“We’ll do everything we can to rally against Adrian Broner, but it’s sure to be an uphill battle,” said Ganier.

But Broner has not avoided media attention or the law since the strip attack. In February Broner was arrested outside MGM Grand Garden, but prosecutors declined to bring charges against him, according to court records. Instead, he pleaded guilty to a battery charge in connection with the hit on the strip.

The boxer was banned from MGM Grand in November 2019, according to TMZ. He was ordered to leave the premises prior to a Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury weigh-in earlier this year and declined.

The two had never met before Gonzalez was “coldly excited,” Ganier wrote in court records. “Broner’s actions were obviously malicious and deliberate.”

The lawyer also wrote that Broner “was not held accountable for his violent behavior but was rewarded in the face of his fame”.

Last month, Broner was jailed for contempt in Ohio court on charges brought by a woman who said the boxer sexually assaulted her in a nightclub. In this case, he hadn’t paid a $ 800,000 verdict against him, according to news reports.

According to the Las Vegas lawsuit, Broner was jailed for battery and armed robbery in 2008. He was arrested in Georgia in 2018 for a sexual battery charge, and those charges were later dropped, according to lawsuit and news reports.

“Broner’s boxing career had essentially armed his body, which he violently attacked (Gonzalez),” Ganier wrote in court records.

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