Ahoy Mateys: Pirate Fest returns to North Las Vegas

NORDLAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The Pirate Festival has returned to Craig Ranch Park in north Las Vegas for the weekend. The organizers say they are “arrrrrr” happy to have them all back after a year of lockdown.

There was food, music, live entertainment, games and of course pirates.

They had a huge turnout, with people from all over the valley and even from other states.

“The pirate companionship we have is a brotherhood. They are people who come together from all walks of life, ”said the pirate Edgar Barragan. “Different jobs, as you call them, I’m a social worker myself and have been doing this for 28 years. We have law enforcement people, we have firefighters, we have a little bit of everything, but we all share the common goal of having a great time pirates. “

If you’d like to try it, it’s also open on Sundays from 11am to 7pm. Tickets are $ 15 for adults and $ 10 for children.

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