Atari Hotels line receives 1UP with new building in Las Vegas

It’s a difficult time to open a new hotel right now, and one might wonder if the Atari Hotels line announced earlier this year is being tacitly closed, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Instead, the momentum continues to grow, and the Gensler architecture firm is now involved. Some renders of a new hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada have been announced.

This new Las Vegas hotel, designed by Gensler, follows the previously unveiled Phoenix, Arizona hotel and looks vaguely futuristic, with an overall shape that ripples on the classic Atari logo.

In addition to guest rooms, the hotel offers games-themed activities and Atari merchandise for sale. The press release mentions VR and AR technology. The pictures show video arcades, a diner and classic Atari games like Asteroids.

We don’t have a word about the exact height of the building, but it will have a maximum of 30 floors. It’s also important to note that the renderings can change, so the finished building may look noticeably different.

The Las Vegas Atari Hotel offers video game-related entertainment including VR, AR, and esports


“Atari Hotels perfectly combines the past, present and future of video games and entertainment for a destination that offers guests a unique hospitality experience and the latest amenities for esports fans and content creators,” the press release said. “Guests can enjoy the latest video games, experience state-of-the-art entertainment, buy exclusive merchandise from Atari Hotels and end the night in retro-style arcades. A talkable and fully equipped nightclub is also available for adult guests. Atari Hotels plays wonderfully with the themes Retro-futurism, pop culture and nostalgia, and fun for the whole family. “

Construction work on the project is slated to begin next year, although an expected completion date is not yet known. Looking to the future, the GSD Group, which is leading the project and receiving the Atari license, is ambitious and is planning further Atari hotels in Austin, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Denver, Colorado, San Francisco and San Jose in California as well as Seattle, Washington.

How successful a number of hotels based on the Atari brand will be remains to be seen, but they are still attracting a great deal of attention. In fact, Atari’s VCS console raised over $ 2 million on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform in just 24 hours. The console has seen delays since then, although the first units are reportedly shipping.

Source: Atari Hotels

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