Candy Tomatoes closes all three salad buffet eating places in Las Vegas, elevating the query of the destiny of town’s buffets

All 97 salad buffet restaurants in the Sweet Tomatoes chain across the country, including three local outposts, will be permanently closed, according to parent company Garden Fresh Restaurants.

John Haywood, the company’s CEO, reviewed the alleged closings of the San Diego Union-Tribune and highlighted FDA restrictions on running a buffet during the current crisis. He added: “The rules are understandable, but unfortunately reopening is very difficult. And I’m not sure if the health departments will ever allow this to happen. “

On site, Sweet Tomatoes offered a more health conscious alternative to the extreme restaurants that stand for resort buffets. The Northwest Restaurant at 2080 N. Rainbow Boulevard and the Henderson branch at 375 N. Stephanie Street Both debuted in 2006 with an extension to the southwest at 9460 W. Flamingo Road with a 50-foot salad bar for more than a decade.

The future of the Las Vegas buffet as a dining establishment remains in question, especially on the Strip. Caesars Palace initiated a multi-million dollar overhaul of its 600-seat bacchanal buffet on the Strip, but has not yet revealed details of how customers will be served or their dishes selected.

Last month, the Corner Market Buffet filed on the Treasure Island an estimated $ 192,784 to demolish the entire buffet room. A remodel this size, which has not yet been announced or confirmed by the resort, almost guarantees that the buffet area will continue to be hidden behind plywood once TI is open to the public again later this year.

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