Carrot Top stands out for prop comedy in Las Vegas

Scott Thompson, also known as the Carrot Top, excels at turning ordinary household items into props that will make the whole world laugh. Do you need a few examples? Glad you asked: a slipper with a bumper on the end for those with a tendency to bump their toes; a large piece of cardboard with two holes cut in the middle – the application for a job at Hooters; A middle finger shaped envelope to send to the IRS when filing your taxes. Yes, as you can see, there is no end to Carrot Top’s creativity or laughter that you will experience at any of their shows.

“From birth to joy, I love seeing the process, getting it working, and seeing how it works,” Carrot Top told Las Vegas Magazine. “I never bothered to be labeled a prop comic while ‘comic’ was in there. … But years ago I was in a junkyard and saw a small mini toilet. What’s funny about a mini toilet? So I took it and figured I’d come up with something. “This gag? Perhaps one of its most famous: a plate for bulimics to eat and throw up. Hey, we never said he was politically correct.

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