Casino Quits Las Vegas and Try Texas Shocking Gamblers

It seems like Texas is where people and businesses want to be. A Las Vegas casino leaves the Strip and tries to make its way to the Lone Star State. Reuters has a recap of their vacation in the video above. But it seems that Texas has grown in popularity over time.

Las Vegas Sands spent a pretty penny on promoting their move. Las Vegas Sands has a few cities in Texas in mind where you should move next. The casino plans to open casinos in Austin, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio.

Unfortunately El Paso didn’t make the cut. But either way, it’s pretty interesting that they want to leave Sin City in the first place. Las Vegas is the right choice for a casino that is why tons of people go there to play.

But imagine if Las Vegas Sands made it to Texas, could they be as popular here as they are there? Anyway, I think Las Vegas Sands would not only be a hit with locals, but it would attract even more tourists to Texas. Also, some of us travel to these other Texas cities to visit family, friends, or to do business.

But if the casino opened in any of those Texas cities that we visit, they would definitely be on our list of places to check out. Your multi-million dollar ad campaign has already hit Airwaves and now all it is is a matter of time. Would you not be there for this project if it got the green light? Share your feedback in the survey below.

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