Chevron stations in the Las Vegas Valley report a lack of gas

by: Victoria Saha, Lucas Wright

Posted: Apr 21, 2021 / 6:21 PM PDT
Updated: April 21, 2021 / 6:21 PM PDT

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – If you run out of gas, you want to be able to fill up as soon as possible. Now the problem is that several Chevron customers feel like they are wasting gas just to find gas.

If you haven’t noticed that a pump in the Chevron that you use frequently is out of order, you may soon run into one.

It’s an ongoing issue that Tyler Kruzich noticed with Chevron over the weekend.

“We have a very loyal customer base in the Las Vegas area, so we take this very seriously,” said Kruzich – Chevron’s external affairs advisor.

And their loyal customers like the fuel Chevron provides, which makes things harder when they come across a yellow label that says “out of order”.

“I work all day and there is already traffic because Vegas is busy. It only takes a while to get five blocks down to another chevron,” said Las Vegan Makenna Woodstolk. “It’s just frustrating when a civilian has to look for gas and really likes Chevron.”

There could be several reasons why Chevron is running out of gas. The directors tell 8 News Now it’s because many places have lifted their covid restrictions and a lot more people are back on the streets.

“We also see some logistical challenges in the inability to put products in pipelines from California,” said Kruzich.

With no end in sight, the drivers want answers.

“It’s just that when you get there you are ready to go so you get there and there are no pumps,” said local David Singletary.

There’s no word on when the problem will be resolved, but Chevron is working to get the gas supply back on.

Drivers only have the problem with chevron. Gas Buddy also reports that the demand for gas has increased, which plays a role in the cost of gas.

Right now, the average gasoline price in the Las Vegas area is $ 3.46 per gallon, up $ 1 year over year.

The lowest gas prices can be found at:

  • Sam’s Club near Pecos Road and Reno Avenue
  • Costco near Galleria Drive and Stephanie Street
  • Costco on Saint Rose Parkway and Maryland Parkway in Henderson

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