Chinatown Rebranding: Team Helping Tourists and Locals Explore Things To Do Las Vegas Local News – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-05-19 12:39:00 AM –

Las Vegas (FOX5) – The Chinatown Vegas team is working to dispel major stereotypes about Chinatown and expand people’s horizons in a growing company. You can shop, dine, and have fun all day.

Inspired by Shannon Jan and Joe Mascarione, this is a tourist’s guide to explore from the Las Vegas Strip, which is just a stones throw away.

“You will understand just how much Chinatown Las Vegas has to offer,” said Yang. Companies can upload their profile for free.

This page contains the directories of various shopping centers. You can also use search engines to crawl ideas for places to visit by the industry.

Team website Launch of a large number of SMEs and launch on June 1st.

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