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Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-05-25 20:33:16 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) – You may find that you added a few extra pounds during the pandemic – and you are not alone. The so-called “Quarantine 15” has had problems in many houses for months.

“These are my little 6s and 8s that I kept because I know I have a mission,” Mary Ladyna 8 told NewsNow. “I’m going back to you.”

Now that life looks a little normal, she has a goal. It’s about losing the weight you gained during the pandemic.

“It’s a little out of control,” said Ladyna.

It wasn’t long before she realized she’d packed 20 pounds.

“We got rid of those endorphins so it made a big difference to looking at comfort foods as replacements,” Ladyna told 8NewsNow.

It didn’t help that her work area was a few feet from the kitchen. When she got bored, she ate a light meal and baked it.

“I made all kinds of scones. I bought a professional scone bread, a professional baking cup. ”

Dr. Deepali Kashyap has seen patients gain up to 30 pounds.

“We gained weight from a combination of diet, stress, and abnormal sleep patterns that we saw with COVID last year,” she explained.

The stress around us was leading people to food and alcohol.

“I’ve seen high levels of insulin in many of these people,” said Kashyap. “I saw an abnormal cholesterol called LDL, which is bad cholesterol. My blood sugar level is rising. ”

On the flip side, there were people like Jessica Hatchings who exercised regularly during a pandemic.

“My goal was not a physical number on the scale. It was, “How are you feeling? Can you take care of my child ” .. She said.

The new mother had just given birth three months before the pandemic. She tried to go on.

“We ended up buying a bike with a child seat on its back and riding our family bikes,” Hatchings said.

They got creative using their son Elliott as a weight during exercise. According to Hatchings, all she could do during the pandemic was control how she felt.

“It was really important to get out and get some fresh air,” she said.

Various diets are available and you should consult your doctor or study healthy methods. YouTube, Vimeo, and Prime also offer free training courses that can help motivate you.

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