Deserted LEGO Structure 21308 Las Vegas set truly exists

It turns out that the original Las Vegas skyline set, LEGO Architecture 21308 Las Vegas, made it out of the factory.

Last year a LEGO Architecture set – 21308 Las Vegas – was taken out of release and replaced with 21047 Las Vegas (review). It was due to the tragic gunfire that took place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, one of the buildings in the original version.

It was understood that no copies of 21308 were produced, but this was found to be incorrect. The Brick Architect website purchased a copy of the original version from a store in South Africa that sold a small number of sets. This means that at least a small edition of the sets was produced.

It is particularly surprising that two elements are contained in Pearl Gold – Part 32125, Technic 3-Blade Rotor and Part 32952, 1x2x1? Brick with 2 bolts on one side. Such a tiny amount cannot have been produced just to wait two dozen copies of this set. So there is probably a batch of these bricks in a LEGO warehouse somewhere.

The Brick Architect kindly provided instructions for this edition of the set so that with a little color change fans can build the Mandalay Bay Hotel and add it to 21074 Las Vegas if they want.

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