Discover Taiwan’s culture at Din Tai Fung Restaurant in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Din Tai Fung is one of the most popular Taiwanese restaurants in the country.

Taiwanese culture is rich, tasty, and simple.

Din Tai Fung’s Chef Chen says his unique customs go back to their Taiwanese roots.

“Taiwan is in the center of Asia. Our cuisine is influenced by everywhere, and Taiwan combines all the flavors from cities across Asia,” said Chen.

To preserve Taiwanese traditions, Chen says the restaurant custom resides in her dumplings.

“Din Tai Fung is best known for our Xiao Long Bao, a soup pork dumpling. We make everything from scratch every day by folding the dumplings with our hands,” said Chen.

While the delicacy is delicious, the dish is not easy to prepare.

Chen says they train their chefs for six months to a year to learn the craft and technique, and hopes that dining at Din Tai Fung can bring different cultures together.

To learn more about Din Tai Fung, click here.

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