East meets west in Morimoto, Las Vegas

Iron Chef fans no doubt know how tall Masaharu Morimoto is. His restaurant empire spans the world and his influence on the culinary world is enormous. A meal at one of its restaurants promises a combination of Japanese and Western ingredients to create something truly unique. You can experience this at his restaurant of the same name in Las Vegas.

From starters like tuna pizza (with anchovy aioli, olives, and jalapeño) to toro tartare (sour cream versus wasabi), you can feel influences from both East and West. This also applies to fried pork gyoza, which combines napa cabbage and sake-ginger sauce.

The starters range from braised black cod with ginger and soy reduction to angry chicken, served with roasted peppers. The steak selection includes Japanese Wagyu, both A-5 and F-1. All are served with Morimoto’s sweet onions and garlic sauce. Make sure to pair your starter with great side dishes like shishito peppers with bubbles in yuzu soy, flavorful green beans in Chinese barbecue sauce, and roasted marble potatoes in sea salt.

MGM Grand, 702.891.3001

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