Facsimile of the primary hardcover version of Studying from Las Vegas, revealed by MIT press | information


Image from MIT Press

Now, decades after the original hardcover edition was sold out, MIT Press is releasing a facsimile edition of the Cooper-designed original, large-format edition of Learning from Las Vegas with translucent glassine film. This issue also includes a spirited foreword by Denise Scott Brown, who looks back on how the book was made and explains her and Robert Venturi’s reservations about the original design. – MIT Press

Forty-five years after its first publication, the groundbreaking book “Learning from Las Vegas” is still read, bought and studied by students, thinkers, and practitioners of architecture and urban planning around the world.

Last year Archinect spoke to Denise Scott Brown about learning from Las Vegas on three topics: Fundamentals, Education, Research.

The MIT press republishes a facsimile of the long-discontinued first hardcover edition of the book. The facsimile sells for $ 100, a lot more than the paper returned, but still a lot cheaper than the few remaining originals sold in the rare book market!

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