For Matt and Angela Stabile, the Las Vegas show has to go on

The duo Matt and Angela Stabile from Las Vegas are the driving force behind the sexy strip “X” Burlesque, the sister shows “X” Country and “X” Rocks as well as the extremely successful comedy show with Piff the Magic Dragon. While various Vegas shows reopen, the Stabiles have kept Piff and “X” Burlesque appearances at Flamingo and “X” Country at Harrah’s. We met with the powerhouse behind the scenes to look back on a challenging year and look forward to a better future.

We’ve learned a lot about the resilience of the people in the Vegas entertainment industry over the past year. Was there anything that you have experienced in your various careers that has prepared you for the challenges you have faced?

Matt: I have a background in television and some of the great things that you need in this business are to be resourceful and really budget your money. You’re going to have a great couple of months and then have nothing for a month or two, and it’s about learning to make things work and go without them. That helped me get through a bit, knowing what I went through before and also getting through good times and understanding how to deal with change.

Angela: Our shows weren’t nearly as successful in the beginning as they are today. I think I’m just learning from the whole experience, from our original opening of “X” Burlesque in 2002, and going over everything we’ve got so far. It’s been a long learning curve.

Her shows have been some of the most popular and well-known female revues on the strip for years. Do you think your ability to keep performing live has increased their notoriety over the past few months?

Matt: It was a big step for us to stay open and it worked out great, not just for us but for all of our cast and staff. It really boils down to a numbers game and we fine-tuned the cost of each production every week. That’s a big part of what helped make it work.

A big innovation was turning “X” burlesque into a more intimate, VIP-style experience. It seems that this was a great move.

Angela: It’s sold out well in advance and even though there are only 30 seats, the audience has given us great feedback. Everyone loves the intimacy of the Private Edition and the Q&A session is really interesting. The audience loves it, the girls love it and it becomes a really fun thing to do. After we are back to full capacity, we may keep one private edition show per week at a later date.

They also worked to bring “X” Rocks back to a brand new venue at Bally’s ASAP. Where is that

Angela: We don’t have a fixed appointment yet, but we are waiting for (more) information from (officials). Hopefully it will happen in March when a larger (audience) capacity should come into effect.

Matt: The new room is about 150 or 160 and it’s a cool little room. It will be a very intimate close-up, similar to the old theater, but technically much better, with better seating and better acoustics.

You never have to put that updated show on in this new space. How different will it be?

Angela: Right, we had just reworked the show. It has never been seen before. It will be brand new. There are some songs and choreographies coming back because we don’t want to change the entire show. It’s classic rock and rock is rock. The audience expects certain (songs). And I think music might be even more popular now.

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