Foundation for Recovery helps Las Vegas addicts recover

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Combating addiction is not an easy task for many people who struggle with alcohol and drugs.

For many, this is an ongoing situation to deal with, but the first step is always to realize that you need help.

Alcohol, opioids, and other drugs can easily become addicts, and recovery is a long and steep road.

Will Allphin knows this very well. He was a successful aerospace engineer and after surgery, opioids and alcohol became a constant in his life until he decided to put an end to it.

Now, years later, he’s part of the Foundation for Recovery, a Las Vegas organization that helps others fight addiction.

In April, National Alcohol Awareness Month, the National Drug Use and Health Survey published that nearly 20 million Americans are struggling with some type of addiction.

Each case is different, but one of the ways you can tell if alcohol or drugs are affecting your life is by investing more time in substance than in your work or personal relationships.

Here is a list of organizations and agencies you can ask for help.

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