Gensler brings the flagship “Atari Hotel” to Las Vegas

Ten months after gaming grandfather Atari worked with GSD Group to unveil a range of video game-themed hotels, Las Vegas’ flagship hotel was unveiled: a towering multi-purpose center designed by Gensler and more of a high-end one -Gaming PC is similar to any other console Atari has ever dropped.

The Atari Hotel in Las Vegas and Phoenix, Arizona locations will open first, and Atari and the GSD Group are hoping to eventually open eight Atari hotels on the West Coast, Southwest and Midwest (currently no such plans for the east coast), unfortunately).

Although neither Gensler, Atari nor the GSD Group have given specific details on the design details of the 400-room hotel in Las Vegas, the building appears to be divided into separate hemispheres of slightly different heights, connected by a glass atrium forming a “valley “Forms running to the back of the hotel. The ultimate effect resembles a massively scaled version of the three-pointed Atari logo (which is also clearly visible on the back of the hotel).

Not a word yet about how the building will protect residents from the light generated by the facade. (Courtesy of Gensler)

The strips that line each section and run parallel to the floor in lower levels to form porte-cochères before being rotated to shoot upright appear to be full of programmable LEDs and can change colors and patterns. On the facade, the rooms seem to be framed by arched windows that are provided with even more LED strips so that the sides of the building can also change their color.

At the rear entrance, where the two halves of the hotel cross, is a covered hall with restaurants, bars, retro arcades, art galleries and other themed entertainment options. Atari and the GSD Group promise a fairly comprehensive video game forward experience, including a game arena and esports multiplex (one assumes one is for gaming and the other for viewing), as well as in-room consoles and new releases. Other “experimental entertainment” has been teased but not fully revealed.

The Las Vegas Atari Hotel is expected to open in 2022.

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