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Atari® Hotel. Image courtesy of Gensler / GSD Group

With the hotel industry looking to regroup due to the effects of the recent pandemic, architectural firms are continuing their upcoming hospitality projects as a team with innovation and hospitality groups.

This month Gensler and the GSD Group announced their collaboration with Atari® Hotels. The GSD Group is an innovation and strategy hospitality group based in Scottsdale, Arizona. According to Atari Hotels, they have already secured their plans to build future Atari hotels in Austin, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, San José and Seattle.

Atari Hotel. GIF courtesy of Gensler / GSD Group

Front entrance: Image reproduced with the kind permission of the Gensler / GSD Group

While the details of the collaboration and planning are not known as of recently, many have already expressed their enthusiasm for the much-anticipated classically-inspired video game hotel. According to a statement by Atari, the 400-room “family-friendly” hotel will be full of “retro-futurism, pop culture and nostalgia”. Shelly Murphy, Managing Partner of GSD Group, explains, “Like Atari’s legacy of innovation, Atari Hotels adds synthetic reality to every aspect of the hotel, creating a stunning hospitality and gaming experience for our guests, from our virtual interactive world to the physical locations element of Atari Hotels offers a unique and authentic experience for everyone. “

Front entrance: Image reproduced with the kind permission of the Gensler / GSD Group

Project renderings of the hotel already show the hotel’s intention to inspire with an interactive and immersive experience. Tom Ito, Global Hospitality Director at Gensler, explains, “We have put together a multidisciplinary design team with experts in hospitality, branding, sports and digital experience design to create a dynamic brand that is unparalleled in the hospitality industry.” He adds that the team wants to bring a “new kind of immersive experience” especially for the hotel’s debut.

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