Get a new perspective on the Dutch master at ‘Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience’ in Las Vegas

If ever there was a definition of artistic genius, it is surely that of Vincent Van Gogh, the Dutch painter who made some of the most revered canvases in history. These pieces form the framework for Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience, one of the most unique art exhibitions of all and one of the most popular right now.

After exhibitions in several cities around the world, the Van Gogh exhibition in Las Vegas opened a few weeks ago in Area15 and offers a digital 360 degree museum where the artist’s works can be experienced. It has been suggested that it is one of the best activities to do on a date, and we’d have to agree as it blends classical music with the beauty of Van Gogh’s creations like Starry Night, possibly his most famous. Different paintings are paired with different musical selections which provide a way to change the mood of any presentation. And every period arouses emotions, which is why we recommend it for date night!

When you first step into the large, rectangular room, you will notice a series of arches on each wall and no actual structure. Pick any location – the views are all excellent. If you are with your sweetheart that day, hold hands, order a drink and wait. You will be transported through 300 of the artist’s works, interwoven through the music and quotes from the artist’s letters to his brothers.

It’s not all stars, fields, and sunflowers, however. The display scrolls through Van Gogh’s life, folding up the tragedy of Van Gogh’s final years and the pain he went through. His mental illness is addressed and his stay in an asylum. When you connect to its website on your phone, you can explore a timeline of events and a variety of information about the major periods of his life and art.

3215 S. Rancho Drive,

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