Greatest burger on the Las Vegas strip

Breaking down the best Las Vegas restaurants is a tough challenge that is only made easier by categorizing different groups of favorite foods. One item that finds its way to most menus and most best-of lists is the popular burger.

The hamburger is a classic American meal that many have eaten as adults. Finding the best burgers in Las Vegas can still be tricky as everyone has their own version of what they prefer. Some people are purists and just want ketchup, pickles, and maybe a piece of lettuce to decorate their meat patties. While others choose to stack theirs with different types of cheese, aiolis, vegetables, and other delicious toppings.

But where do you find the best burger Vegas has to offer? There are always the standard chains of fast food burgers – Shake Shack, Johnny Rockets, In-N-Out – though we have a few places in mind where burgers are so wistful and creative that they satisfy every appetite.

Tender steak & seafood

Special cuts of beef and a range of typical sauces are the names of the game at TENDER Steak & Seafood in Luxor Las Vegas, but by no means discount the burger. The Surf, Turf, and Air Wagyu Beef Burger is best for those with the biggest appetites.

Due to their high quality and preferred taste, Wagyu burgers alone are enough to attract hungry crowds. Combine that with Hawaiian blue shrimp, crispy duck bacon, and exotic ingredients like horseradish pickles and seaweed artichoke coleslaw, however, and you have a decadent, filling, memorable burger.

Burger bar

We can go on board with a restaurant name that gets straight to the point. The famous chef Hubert Keller creates a burger-oriented dining experience in the burger bar at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. It was only fitting that he should have put his name on one of the menu offers.

The Hubert Keller Burger starts with a buffalo meat patty and is then doused with caramelized onions, baby spinach, blue cheese, red wine and shallot sauce, all of which are hidden in the crispy goodness of a ciabatta bun. The menu features low-carb, vegan burgers that focus on surf and turf. There is also a burger with a special “hangover sauce”, a condiment that fits the Las Vegas lifestyle.

Michael Minas PUB 1842

Do you want a sweet and savory twist on the traditional burger? Then Michael Minas PUB 1842 at the MGM Grand is just right for you. Chef Michael Mina is known for switching ingredients and flavors to serve inventive dishes for Vegas fans. Here you will find the Peanut Butter Crunch, one of the strip’s best-known burgers, topped with allspice cheese and bacon jam and getting its satisfying crunch from potato chips. Sounds absolutely sinful in the best possible way.

LVB burger

With all the initials, we feel like insiders using slang when eating at LVB Burgers at the Mirage Resort. So I have to love it when it comes to a unique assortment of burger options with high stacks. By far our favorite is the OSB aka Old School Burger, which gives us the simple flavors we’ve come to love.

Jean Georges Steakhouse

Come for the steak first. Then return to the JG Cheeseburger, which is topped with truffle mayo, brie, and yuzu cucumber and served alongside truffle fries. Known for improving the Vegas experience in every way, ARIA ensures that you won’t miss out with their restaurants.

Broadway Burger Bar and Grill

Take advantage of building your own burger at this casual layover at New York’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. Choose your patty protein, then add the toppings which include bruschetta tomatoes, jalapeno bacon, and even shaved ribeye as options.

Diners can also choose a burger from the restaurant’s own creations, but there’s something about customizing your meal that makes the experience especially satisfying. Could we suggest getting a shake on the side as this place is known for being particularly decadent? For a sweet finish, we recommend the Junior’s Cheesecake preparation or the Strawberry and Bourbon Custard Shake.

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