HELP NOT DESIRED! Las Vegas companies report that few candidates want vacancies

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – The economy is starting to turn nationally as well as locally, but some Las Vegas companies are reporting that they are having a hard time finding willing and skilled workers for available positions.

Job fairs in hotels and casinos take place almost daily around the Las Vegas Valley.

But other companies struggle to hire employees.

“We’re a pre-natal and post-natal fitness company offering fitness programs for mothers at every stage of motherhood,” said Jessica Peralta, owner of Fit4Mom Las Vegas.

Peralta reports that their vacant trainer-to-support positions are not attracting many candidates.

“Before the shutdown, we had 27 employees,” said Peralta.

“We are a small company and currently have nine employees, so we want to replenish the 27-strong team,” added Peralta.

Temporary employment agencies and recruiters say finding willing and qualified applicants has been a difficult task lately.

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“I’ve been in employment and HR for over 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Sonia Petkewich, owner of the Taurean Consulting Group.

Petkewich says that even good, high-wage jobs get fewer bites.

“The number of applicants they get is two or three, while a year ago 20 people were queuing for these jobs,” said Petkewich.

Petkewich believes there are several factors at play.

She says moving from home has made personal work less appetizing for some people.

There is also expanded federal unemployment benefits that provide money through September 2021.

According to Petkewich, many companies are tightening their pay belts and are often paying less for the same job after the pandemic.

“I think some companies are limiting capacity from a compensation perspective, so now candidates may feel that the salary on offer is competitive so they are willing to hold out a little,” added Petkewich.

“I think it’s a little puzzle with a lot of moving parts and we’re just working on taking it step by step and hiring people, that’s very important,” said Peralta.

Peralta said women, especially mothers, made big changes during the pandemic to juggle detached learning for school-age children and childcare. This could also affect the available candidates.

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