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Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-05-18 16:21:04 –

Henderson (KTNV) – Thank you! That’s what one of Henderson’s new restaurant owners says to his customers. After opening the door during the pandemic, business picks up. 13 Action News reporter Astrid Mendez takes you to breakfast hotspots with this latest version of We are Open.

“I have a camper french toast. I have a red velvet French toast, ”says Doni Sabani.

I studied business

Welcome to St. Rose Parkway near the Coronado Center.

“My favorite is… Iron Man. It’s a bowl for breakfast, ”says Sabani, co-owner of the restaurant.

It can be said that he learned the restaurant business for the rest of his life.

“It actually started with my grandfather in Chicago in the late 70s and 80s. He actually had several restaurants in downtown Chicago. He got it for years. I set it up, ”says Sabani.

Focus on breakfast

Now Sabani is recording it. But he does something different than a family owned place.

“We had breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it was very difficult to keep people busy. Our biggest concern was to focus on what we are really good at, the breakfast area.” Says Sabani.

Sabani says his goal is to provide high quality food and the best possible manipulation. It starts with the employee.

Incredible staff

“We have great employees. Probably the best staff I have ever worked with. Everyone is great, friendly and full of energy, ”says Sabani.

But it doesn’t matter without customers, says Sabani, business is going well!

Community support

“We wouldn’t be here without the community. The community has played an important role in supporting us, helping us, and coordinating us. We have different capacities. While we are adapting to our requirements, different mask requirements, different things, the protocol, the community has supported us a lot and we are very grateful to them, ”says Sabani.

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