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The builders of space production have started to develop luxury districts with a noticeable reference to the popular modern design.

“We’re moving away from rounded towers and piles of stones,” said Adrian Gonzalez, Marketing Manager at Pardee Homes. “People are fed up with it and are looking for something else.”

Gonzalez noticed a shift in consumer preferences about five years ago, which led Pardee Homes to launch its first modern-themed community, Meridian, in October 2015.

“Meridian in the Southwest marks an interesting turning point for our company,” said Gonzalez. “We really appreciate a more modern aesthetic. Almost every neighborhood we’ve opened since then has been an advancement of the exploration of modern design as well as mid-century modern design. “

Home buyers can see evidence of this dramatic change at the south end of Green Valley Parkway in Henderson. There are three different high-end developments in the middle of a terraced hill: Blue Herons Sky Terrace, The Canyons by Lennar and Pardee’s Axis. These developments show how every contractor embraces modern design.

“I don’t see this as a trend, I see this as expected for many buyers,” said Kamran Zand, agent and founder of Luxury Estates International. “Buyers are fed up with using traditional living styles such as traditional, Tuscan or Mediterranean. You are looking for open floor plans and clear lines. Over 50 percent of our buyers are looking for homes with a modern style. “

A fourth development, Pulte Homes Blackrock, is slated to open in late 2018 on Canyon Heights Drive west of the Lennar and Pardee Home developments.

“I can’t say enough about how quickly our buyers have responded to new, modern designs,” said Klif Andrews, president of the Pardee Homes Division. “With prices between 300,000 and over 1 million US dollars, most of our buyers opt for contemporary design. We started this evolution towards modern design two years ago. By the end of next year, 100 percent of our churches will feature contemporary styles. “

Blue Heron Design Build took control of a 15.17 acre non-existent community from a previous developer in October 2012.

Since 2004, Blue Heron has designed and built exclusively “Vegas Modern” houses. According to Tyler Jones, owner and founder of Blue Heron, the design is specific to the desert climate and lifestyle in Las Vegas.

Development featured five pre-made custom living plans that offered flexibility with options.

“It takes longer to design prefabricated homes than it does home designs,” said Jones. “We wanted to be able to add things and make them all work within the floor plan. This is important to us in order to bring them up to the quality level for homes. “

Homes range from 3,460 to more than 5,000 square feet and cost between $ 600,000 and more than $ 3 million. The site has 44 houses. There are still two custom lots available. The rest of the community is sold out.

Sky Terrace Home Designs maximize the 360 ​​degree view and connect the indoor / outdoor areas with large pocket doors and windows, sky decks with entertainment options and private courtyards.

“The location was perfect for us,” said Jones. “When we’ve raised lots with a view, all of these Vegas Modern concepts work a lot better.”

After the quick sell-out of Blue Heron’s debut community, Stone Canyon, which featured 23 Vegas Modern homes in 2004, Jones switched to modern design.

“We took a chance,” said Jones. “It turned out to be a good decision.”

“All the other companies are working on various modern things now,” Jones said. “People take it, and that’s fantastic. The more the better for me. “

Lennar’s canyons were influenced by Blue Heron’s Sky Terrace and opened earlier this year. The smaller, well-equipped modern houses are a first for the client. The development offers four plans ranging from 3,194 to 3,669 square feet, priced at $ 595,990 to $ 627,990. There are 143 home sites over 34½ acres for this gated community.

“We thought about this area, which relates to Blue Heron, because it’s so outstanding,” said Joy Broddle, president of the Lennar Las Vegas division. “We knew that the corridor had something unique to offer.”

Although Lennar was influenced by Blue Heron, he opted for a more contemporary design that blends the traditional and the modern. This is reflected in every detail through the use of fittings, doors, fittings and wash basins.

“We really had to do a lot of research into the look we wanted,” said Broddle. “Everything is included, so we had to nail everything down. Now that we’ve put together a portfolio of things that we know will work, we can apply that to future development. “

The mixture of warm and cool tones on the exterior facades compliments the natural slope that borders the community. A key feature is the specially stained rock wall that limits development along the Green Valley Parkway. The wall is illuminated and looks dramatic on the street at night. “We spent a lot of time developing the community design and floor plans to make sure they would appeal to our buyer profile. We believe these are people who want to live in Green Valley but don’t want to buy used ones “said Broddle.

Jeffery Ho, who recently moved into The Canyons, said he chose the development because of the modern design and location. Ho has lived in the area for more than 35 years.

“I’m very fond of clean, simple, straightforward designs and architectures,” said Ho, who chose Lennar’s Orion floor plan. “It’s very well designed with no wasted space or long hallways.

“Also, the neighborhood is reserved for the best elementary school in Nevada and the best middle school in Las Vegas and Henderson,” said Ho. “It’s far enough from the hustle and bustle of the Strip but only 15 minutes from work.”

West of Lennar, the Pardee Homes Axis community offers five different floor plans that range from 2,936 to 4,451 square feet and range from $ 800,000 to over $ 1 million. The 35 acre development has 78 home locations.

“Axis really stands on its own,” Gonzalez said of the gated community. “It’s completely different. Not traditional, what people think is modern. We feel like we’ve gone to another level overall.

“The Wall plan, for example, has a very dramatic message,” said Gonzalez. “There is a diagonal wall panel that rises about 32 feet in front and tapers as it goes behind the house. This wall looks almost like a blade cutting the floor plan into two very different wings. “

Switching from one particular design to another takes time for the builders in production. According to Andrews, it takes six months to develop a design and “run it through permits for a building permit.”

“It’s pretty complex, especially at the luxury level, like Axis,” said Andrews. “A typical design and our consultants cost us about $ 40,000.”

Pardee’s Axis has been recognized as a “Next Level Modern” design and offers five different floor plans: Frame, Frame X, Sky, Sky X and Wall. The X denotes a second level.

“We’ve been building a variety of contemporary styles in Las Vegas for two years,” Andrews said of how the site influenced the design.

“And this luxury community at AXIS obviously suited an even more modern architecture.”

The location drew all four developers to the area by offering spectacular views of the entire valley while being adjacent to a natural hill protected by the city of Henderson.

“We had a fantastic website that combined great views of the Strip, a convenient location, and a neighboring area with MacDonald Highlands and Anthem Country Club,” said Andrews. “Our instinct was that this place was a brilliant place for new modern architecture. We have complemented this with a contemporary landscape design that wraps the entire package in a very stylish look. “

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