Honey Salt delivers 800 meals to households in Las Vegas most prone to COVID-19

A new pilot program for those families in Las Vegas most susceptible to COVID-19 – namely, grandparents looking after young children – will have meals delivered directly to them.

Honey Salt has partnered with a number of local organizations to develop Delivering with Dignity, a program that removes perishable excess food from businesses and restaurants and delivers meals to vulnerable, low-income families who may want to avoid going to a grocery bank or grocery store .

“These are not FEMA meals. These are not cold sandwiches. These are beautiful dishes that are ready to serve, ”says Elizabeth Blau, the restaurateur behind Honey Salt, the new American restaurant in Rampart Commons.

The program hopes not only to feed these families but also to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

“There are a lot of people trying to run to every grocery bank,” said Marilyn Kirkpatrick, chairman of the Clark County Commission, who helped launch the program Monday. She notes that attracting those most susceptible to contracting COVID-19 for the food resources they need is difficult. “We wanted to prepare meals and deliver them with dignity so they wouldn’t have to leave their home,” says Fitzpatrick.

Honey Salt’s chefs initially donated 800 meals on Monday, which were delivered to 100 families via seven volunteer drivers. Las Vegas-based Foster Kinship, a nonprofit that works with relatives and family friends who raise children who cannot safely live with their parents, identified the families who received their first meals. Fitzpatrick estimates 33,000 grandparents are raising children in the Las Vegas area during the coronavirus pandemic.

Marc Marrones Graffiti Bao with his Chinese-inspired dishes provides the next batch.

Those interested in volunteering for the project or requesting meals can call the United Way of Southern Nevada at 702-892-2300.

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