How Las Vegas eating places within the Southwest sort out probably the most devastating week in meals historical past

It’s afternoon on Thursday, March 19, in southwest Las Vegas, two days after Governor Steve Sisolak announced that all Las Vegas restaurants and bars would have to close, but could stay open with pick-up, delivery, and drive-through services. Some restaurants closed temporarily while many remained open with makeshift staff taking orders and feeding customers.

Drive thru and fast food business are king right now. What used to be the hot spots is now empty.

Eater Vegas photographer Louiie Victa drove around the neighborhood to see what the restaurants were doing. The scene, though devastating, showed some signs of life. Restaurants in the southwest are trying, but not in full swing.

Chef Nicole Brisson is working on the stove on a family dinner for volunteers at Locale Italian Kitchen. Louiie Victa

Chef Nicole Brisson of Locale Italian Kitchen at Mountain’s Edge was choked up talking about her decision to offer roadside service. “It’s a lot harder than I thought,” she said. She started selling her meat wholesale at cost to help Las vegans who can’t get fresh protein.

Brisson worked at Eataly in Park MGM and at the former Carnevino in the Palazzo before opening the locale with Andy Hooper last summer. Some of her former employees on the Strip who were laid off saw Brisson was having problems and volunteered to help. “We made [a] Family dinner that day but too busy to eat. We invited the prepared cooks to pick them up for their families, ”she says of a meal that she put together on Thursday.

A chef packs take-away meals

Chef Jamie Tran at The Black Sheep packs take-away meals. Louiie Victa

A modest team of four now runs The Black Sheep, the upscale American-Vietnamese serving plate. “I try to support my staff,” says chef Jaime Tran. “I wanted to give them a few hours so they could earn some income. Any profit that is made every day goes straight to the employees.”

Tran says she is more hopeful as there has been a steady stream of roadside food pickup orders.

The casual Neighbor SkinnyFats restaurant, serving breakfast, burgers, and salads, continued to offer a fun and healthy menu for roadside pickup.

Oming's Kitchen, Mazzoa Donuts, and The Chicken Shack will remain open on Blue Diamond Road.

Oming’s Kitchen, Mazzoa Donuts, and The Chicken Shack will remain open on Blue Diamond Road. Louiie Victa

Along Blue Diamond Road, Ooms Kitchen, The Chicken Shack, and Mazzoa Donuts will remain open to take away. Every now and then a lonely car would stop and grab something to take away. A couple of customers came to Oming where owner Salome Pilas reported a lack of rice for her Filipino food on social media.

Faustos upstairs closed a handwritten sign on the door. Blue At Sushi & Grill stays open, as does BurgerIM.

Businesses along South Rainbow Boulevard offer a mix of open and closed restaurants. Fausto’s Mexican grill is closed with a handwritten note in the door, but BurgerIM with its quick-casual burgers, Blue Bei Sushi & Grill with a list of sushi and handrolls, and L&L Hawaiian Barbecue with its Hawaiian menu with lunch plates, loco moco, and Spam musubi opened for takeout.

Customers are waiting to collect orders from FukuBurger.

Customers are waiting to collect orders from FukuBurger. Louiie Victa

Colin Fukunaga, who owns FukuBurger, with its Japanese burgers in the southwest and in Chinatown, has his restaurant open for takeaway and delivery daily from 11am to 8pm, but he’s still playing with the hours.

“We just have to fight to stay open if it conforms to the rules of the governor of Nevada,” says Fukunaga. “Most of the employees’ parents have lost their jobs and are now the breadwinners in the house. We’re definitely losing money. But if we manage to break even, it is worth helping. “

Firefly closed before Governor Steve Sisolak ordered all restaurants and bars to close in Las Vegas.  You can stay open with pick up and delivery services.

Firefly closed before Governor Steve Sisolak ordered all restaurants and bars to close in Las Vegas. You can stay open with pick up and delivery services. Louiie Victa

The neighboring Suzuya patisserie, which serves Japanese pastries like green tea and yuzu panna cotta, stayed open for take out last week but decided to close on Monday. Firefly closed before the governor announced the restaurants needed to be temporarily closed.

Chef Marc Marrone works in the deep fryer at Graffiti Bao.

Chef Marc Marrone works in the deep fryer at Graffiti Bao. Louiie Victa

Graffiti Bao’s chef Marc Marrone, with his menu of quick, casual Chinese food, was a little more optimistic about the situation. It offers free lunches for children, collection and delivery via PostMates, and remains open so that it can continue to pay its employees. On Sunday evening he announced that he was working with Shetakis Wholesalers, who are giving customers the opportunity to order meat and products wholesale. “We’ll coordinate two to three weekly orders where you can fill out the guide, place your order, and get to Graffiti Bao at the scheduled times,” he says. The staff was loading the car when he spoke.

The kitchen in Japaneiro looking through the window looks empty, but the restaurant is still serving. Louiie Victa

Customers continue to use the thoroughfare at Jollibee. Others park and call to get their orders. Louiie Victa

The stretch south of the 215 is home to a battalion of Asian restaurants. Along Warm Springs Road, Japaneiro will remain open to pick up orders for its sushi items.

Jenni Pho on South Rainbow Boulevard remains open for takeout, while Jollibee kept the drive going with its Filipino fried chicken and spaghetti and got traction from the neighboring Smith’s grocery store.

Goong Korean Barbecue sells take-away kimchi and meat.

Even Korean barbecues, traditional places where cooked meat is served at the table, were left open to get rid of the remaining inventory. Goong Korean Barbecue sold take-away meat and kimchi.

The Lucki Thai Bistro, Omoide Noodles & Bowls, Oyshi Sushi and Soya Korean are still open.

Lucki Thai Bistro had take-away meals, Omoide continued to offer a menu of noodle soups, sack bowls, and other Japanese take-away dishes, and YuXiang Korean Chinese continued.

Oyshi Sushi offered 15 percent off take-away meals and sold fresh salmon. The new ramen show has been closed. Soyo Korean Restaurant continues to serve Korean street food.

A single customer is waiting for the takeaway prize at Taiwan Deli.

A lone customer waits for take-away meals at Cafe Summer Taiwan Deli. Louiie Victa

On the street, Taste offered its Chinese cuisine for pickup, as did Ohana Hawaiian BBQ. The Zen Curry House Express with its Japanese curries and Cafe Summer Taiwan Deli also stayed open.

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