In SLS Las Vegas ‘classic meets trendy’ aesthetics

SLS Las Vegas, the lifestyle-driven, mixed-use resort and casino with sbe’s award-winning hospitality brands, today revealed details behind the property’s much-anticipated design. Under the direction of global design firm Gensler in collaboration with internationally recognized creator Philippe Starck and sbe founder, chairman and CEO Sam Nazarian, the SLS Las Vegas aesthetic channels a multitude of inspirations, from SLS Hotels in Beverly Hills and South Beach up to the famous roots of its North Las Vegas Strip location.

Philippe Starck, known for bringing disrespectful narratives into his design philosophies, took the same approach with SLS Las Vegas. For Las Vegas, Starck views the property as a seductive cocktail with a range of invigorating flavors that immerse guests in a truly original design and hospitality experience.

“There are some legendary, classic cocktails: Manhattan, Gimlet, Cosmo, and a brand new one – SLS Las Vegas,” Starck said. “It’s strong and sparkling with millions of bubbles, stories, adventures and surprises. It’s fire and it makes you burn up with pleasure. It’s soft and romantic and leaves a touch of love and honey in your mouth. It’s pissed off and you will lose your mind, but so elegant that it will change your life. “

“While SLS stays true to the core dates of a Las Vegas-style resort and casino, it is no mistake that Sam Nazarian brought his visionary passion to ensure that every guest’s experience has unexpected twists,” said Beth Campbell, director and Managing Director Gensler.

“It’s a fascinating time in Las Vegas. The Strip continues to grow and redefine itself as Downtown Las Vegas experiences a rebirth. Indeed, SLS Las Vegas’ location on the north edge of the Strip will be an important intersection between the Strip and downtown developments. Combined with easy access to I-15 and the monorail, this is an ideal route for tourists arriving in Las Vegas. ”

“The brilliance of Starck and Gensler lies in their ability to look at design through a truly original lens and create an aesthetic that is tied to an authentic story,” added Nazarian. “With SLS Las Vegas, we’ve taken this approach to the next level by creating spaces where sbe’s leading food and beverage brands are presented in an undeniably unique environment, and combining them with a space and suite product that is pioneering the Las Vegas market. ”

When putting together the room and suite designs, Nazarian, Gensler, and Starck set themselves the goal of creating a variety of offerings that would appeal to a wide range of people with a common affinity for the Las Vegas lifestyle. The 1,613 guest rooms and suites are divided into the LUX, World and Story towers. Each category is highlighted by its own design elements.

The LUX Tower is the all-suite tower from SLS Las Vegas, which was designed for vacationers and gaming travelers who are looking for a lifestyle-oriented spatial experience. The suite’s classic French influence is complemented by oversized sofas, Starck-designed chandeliers and scones, a custom-made closet, and a peek-a-boo shower window with a view of the bedroom.

The rooms in the World Tower are designed for business and convention travelers where luxury is realized through the room’s commitment to functionality. Cutting-edge technology in the room is mixed with elements, including a monochromatic color palette with pink accents, full-length LED mirrors flanking the bed, and custom tapestries and furniture.

The Story Tower is home to SLS Las Vegas’ most ambitious and innovative room design to date. A multifunctional bed is the heart of the room. Designed for the younger crowd in Las Vegas for entertainment and nightlife, the rooms are ideal for social gatherings. The bed also provides an entertainment area where guests can gather and connect. The electrical attractiveness of the room is further enhanced by the electrical yellow vanity, which doubles as a bar, the illuminated ceiling mirror and the rotating minibar cabinet made of polished chrome.

Channeling his cocktail metaphor to describe his quirky vision for the rooms and suites at SLS Las Vegas, Starck added, “They’re so smart and refined that the ingredients stay a secret, but you know you only get them in another SLS. It’s high quality and almost good for your health. It’s on the rocks, but the rocks of rock and roll. The recipe comes from an island you can’t even imagine. It’s a long drink, but you’ll be thirsty and addicted to it and keep coming back. Let’s Dance!”

The diversity in the aesthetics of the suites and rooms is only enhanced by the multitude of influences that can be seen throughout the building. For example, Katsuya von Starck shows Starck’s geisha-chic vibe, enhanced by golden pillars, statues of couture kimonos, and stalls in the style of Japanese helmets.

Cleo channels the sultry mystery of the Middle East with a 30-foot image recreating Vivian Leigh’s Cleopatra at the entrance, an oversized Lebanese chandelier, Egyptian wall coverings, and green Moroccan tile floors that lead into the characteristic broken slab room.

Foxtail offers a design inspired by the raw industrial rock and roll scene of Paris, with silver dome fittings, white neon, a black and white checkered dance floor, oversized brass bird cages for dancers, and walls made by Tarek’s French graffiti art Benaoum came to life. In contrast, the Monkey Bar is reminiscent of a classic English social club with rich, warm wood on the walls, a wood-carved bar with marble inlay, and leather sofas with French marble cafe tables.

Other highlights are the SLS buffet, which conjures up a rustic mountain hut with exposed raw wood beams, an antler chandelier and Navajo carpets, and the Ku noodle by José Andrés with its palate, which is decorated with illustrations of koi fish and cherry blossoms, and shelves lined with a collection of Asian rice sacks and vintage Chinese newspapers.

SLS Las Vegas will debut on August 23rd and is already taking reservations.

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SOURCE: Press release from SLS Las Vegas

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