Inside ‘Money, Baby!’ – The Baller New Sports Betting Club in Las Vegas

A new sports betting and nightlife destination is being rolled at the recently opened Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas, and we have the best glimpse of the bustling gaming venue yet.

As the first Sin City project by the hotel company Clive Collective, Money, Baby! offers sports betting, fine dining and nightclubs under one roof.


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“It’s seven days a week, bar, restaurant and night life. Knowing what is going on in today’s sports betting market, we wanted to change the game and create a fun atmosphere with a strong component of nightlife watching the sport”, so partner Mikis Troyan tells the Las Vegas Sun.


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The space is spread over several levels and is 15,000 square meters and offers numerous amenities and attractions, including an on-site sports betting, 200 HDTV screens, two DJ booths, high-tech golf simulators, a stand-up shuffleboard game and a private dining room and 5,550 square foot terrace leading to the newly renovated Virgin pool complex.

Take a look inside Money, baby! – which is slated to open on June 11th – via the photos and videos above.

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