Las Vegas artists are creating an intriguing collection and eBook titled Las Vegas Shutdown 2020 in support of travel destination revitalization

{Carnevale Gallery Showings and eBook Images Now Available}

As the world searches for new adventure and opportunity after COVID-19, Tony Carnevale, a legendary gallery owner and director from Las Vegas, works with architectural photographer John Mastrogiacomo to create images and experiences that will grab the attention of audiences around the world .

Carnevale led the project in close collaboration and partnership with Mastrogiacomo, and the duo remained true visionaries and driving forces throughout this series. The aim was to capture the landscape of the “entertainment capital of the world” at a standstill. To document these times, which are just as unique as the city itself, Carnevale and Mastrogiacomo have developed an eBook entitled “Las Vegas Shutdown 2020”. The online publication aims to capture the spirit of this unprecedented era in Las Vegas proponents while making the desire to visit. In addition to sharing this exciting communication with the world, Carnevale welcomes visitors to its Las Vegas galleries to experience firsthand the growth and resilience of our destination.

Immediately after the shutdown, Carnevale and Mastrogiacomo were very quick to take action, anticipating the impact of the pandemic on Las Vegas. Given these poignant discoveries, Carnevale and Mastrogia realized the need to provide engaging content without a tangible stage. Then the ‘Las Vegas Shutdown 2020’ eBook and limited edition art exhibition came to life. Images from the photo series are available in limited editions of only 20 pieces.

The Las Vegas travel destination typically welcomes more than 40 million visitors annually with an economic impact of nearly $ 60 billion. The state of Nevada thrives on tourism and is undoubtedly the lifeblood of our economy. Realizing that drastic change was on the horizon, the team quickly took action to ensure that our valued visitors and employees didn’t miss out during these difficult times.

“We will never forget St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, 2020”. Carnevale recalls: “We were told of the shutdown in the early evening and shortly after midnight we began to live it.”

Carnevale and Mastrogiacomo started bringing the vision for their project to life on March 18, 2020, the day immediately after they closed. They searched for locations and specific timeframes that accurately and creatively depict the surroundings in the city’s world famous landscape. The collaboration delivered impressive content, including an intimate masked wedding ceremony near the iconic Bellagio fountains, empty casino floors with no neon energy, the infamous Las Vegas Boulevard, which is completely traffic-free, and closed signs displayed at all of the places of worship the destination which is commonly referred to as “Sin City”.

“From day one, our energy levels went into high gear knowing that what was ahead of us was unprecedented,” said Carnevale. “Photographing and capturing the new landscape of our word continues to be a top priority in defending our community and our famous brand.”

The Las Vegas Shutdown 2020 eBook is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple Books at an affordable price of $ 3.99.

Carnevale’s extensive art collection, including images from ‘Las Vegas Shutdown 2020’ and beyond, is currently located in two Las Vegas locations on Appian Way at the Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino and the Forum Shops in Caesars.

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[Source : This news story a collaboration with Amanda Peters, Anthem PR]

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