Las Vegas attempted murder suspect arrested in Montrose County

A man wanted in Las Vegas for attempted murder was arrested in Montrose County.

Las Vegas suspect caught near Olathe

According to the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office, authorities received information that Gilfredo Morga-Mendoza, 26, was in Montrose County. Mendoza is wanted for attempted murder from Las Vegas.

The Montrose County Sheriff’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Montrose Police Department, the MCSO High Impact Target Team, and the Seventh Judicial Task Force worked together to bring about the arrest Wednesday afternoon at the 53,000 block on Falcon Road, just outside Olathe to perform. Based on the tips received, the FBI was able to narrow down Mendoza’s location and then moved in to make the arrest without incident.

Montrose Press reports that Mendoza was wanted on a North Las Vegas Police Department arrest warrant but no further details were available as the document was sealed by Nevada courts. The FBI informed the local authorities that Mendoza was in Montrose County.

Arrest highlights great teamwork from multiple agencies

Montrose County Sergeant George Jackson said the arrest was a great example of local and federal authorities working together to “arrest a potentially armed and dangerous suspect wanted in another area for two attempted murders.” Jackson described the effort as “teamwork, fast working style and good communication”. The plan was perfectly executed when the authorities arrived to make the arrest and take Mendoza into custody.

Mendoza was detained at the Montrose County Detention Center and awaiting extradition to Nevada.

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