Las Vegas casinos, popular venues, are easing the restrictions

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Las Vegas is starting to feel very normal with a number of casino accommodations and popular venues where fully vaccinated guests can walk around without a mask.

The list of places where the mask requirement is dropped to coincide with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to grow and change.

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“The energy has changed, the fun is back and it has gone so quickly,” explained Roeben, who went to Twitter to ponder the change.

“It took a really long time and it’s just so welcome because Vegas is about being carefree and wearing a mask. It’s the opposite of being carefree,” said Roeben.

“It was a constant reminder that there was something to be worried about or sad to have and kind of fun here in Vegas.”

For months, according to Roeben, bartenders, cocktail waitresses and other employees were the constant enforcers of the mask mandate for guests who forgot to change their masks or became complacent.

“These people are ambassadors for the casino. It has always been very awkward for them to enforce this rule when it is their job to pour drinks and bring good luck,” explained Roeben.

The guideline for fully vaccinated animals without a mask also applies to all Caesars Entertainment Properties, Wynn Resorts, MGM Resorts International Properties and Cosmopolitan, among others.

“Now it is very liberating to stroll through a casino and interact with staff and people without a mask,” said Roeben.

“I think it’s great for people who are fully vaccinated. We have been fully vaccinated since February,” said Kimberly Cancino of Denver.

“It’s good to be on vacation and not have to worry about wearing a mask,” said Alexander Cancino.

“Once you are vaccinated, hopefully everyone will be vaccinated,” he added.

13 Action News also reached out to Cowabunga Bay and Wet N ‘Wild about their mask guidelines.

Cowabunga Bay maintains the same mask guidelines for the time being, including wearing masks in line to enter the park and when purchasing (retail and grocery lines).

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Wet ‘n’ Wild website states that mask guidelines also apply to entering and purchasing items.

Doctors and the CDC urge those at serious risk of disease from COVID-19 who have not or have not been vaccinated or vaccinated to stay cautious and wear a mask.

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