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Las Vegas Element Fitness

We’re excited to bring the Las Vegas Element Fitness and healthy Las Vegas lifestyle to a wider audience. Las Vegas Element Fitness, the leading magazine for fitness, nutrition and healthy living, announced the launch of its new website. The redesigned website, which can be found at, reflects the magazine’s reorientation, which is to provide the best, breaking news and lifestyle information to help its readers achieve their goals for achieving healthy living.

“Las Vegas is an internationally known vacation city known for its lifestyle and entertainment. A big part of the city’s lifestyle is fitness, nutrition and healthy living, ”says publisher Mary Cassidy. “We’re excited to bring the Las Vegas Element Fitness and healthy Las Vegas lifestyle to a wider audience.”

Las Vegas Element Fitness, now in its third year, is growing from its origins as a mixed martial arts (MMA) showcase for local Las Vegas favorites like Randy Couture, Frank Mir, Robert Drysdale and Wandelei Silva to a national, widespread one Companies. viewed multimedia news and features delivery system. While MMA still plays a prominent role, readers today are likely to be offered a wide variety of health and fitness topics, as well as photography from events such as 911 Remembrance Day, Livestrong Race, Rock N Roll Marathon, and Miss America Pageant.

“MMA remains a big part of our focus – from our celebrity covers to our in-depth information on MMA legends to our articles on MMA training and lifestyle,” says Cassidy. “They are some of the fitter athletes in the world, and we get them to share their nutrition, lifestyle and exercise secrets with our readers every month.”

“But expanding beyond MMA messages and capabilities was a natural move that our Las Vegas Element Fitness readers welcomed,” says Cassidy. “We now cover more than just high-level physical training, we cover the entire fitness lifestyle – from dietary supplements and vitamins to sunscreens, nutrition and medication, and we motivate you to lead the best possible and healthiest lifestyle!”

In addition to reflecting the magazine’s news and articles, the new website will also feature exclusive coverage and stories not found in the print version. “The reality is that we can only put so many great stories and pictures in the magazine, but there is plenty of room for them on the website alongside exclusive photos and videos. We can also update them daily. We are very happy about the new website and so are our readers! “

About Las Vegas Element Fitness

Las Vegas Element Fitness is the premier fitness, health, and nutrition publication in the Las Vegas Valley. With its signature covers featuring local UFC® and Cirque du Soleil® celebrities and stars, LVEF is featured in over 350 gyms, health and fitness clubs, exercise facilities, retailers and restaurants, as well as medical and strip spas. Readers keep every carefully crafted issue for the latest nutrition and exercise articles written by leading Las Vegas authorities in the fields of fitness, health, nutrition and medicine. Visit our website at

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