Las Vegas Hospital Now Performs Augmented Actuality Surgical procedure By Las Vegas Native Breaking Information, Headlines

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – In a premiere for the Las Vegas region, spinal surgery is now performed with augmented reality.

Few hospitals in the country have the technology, and Southern Hills Hospital is one of them today. Augmented Reality is used to perform spinal surgery in southwest Las Vegas Valley Hospital.

(Southern Hills Hospital / Facebook)

The goal of augmented reality surgery is to achieve the same result as conventional surgery without opening the patient, but rather going through a small hole.

There is a kind of “X-ray” vision for doctors. A surgeon wears a headset with a camera during surgery and an augmented reality image of the patient’s body is displayed in front of him, so he knows exactly where to operate in real time. That is, they can see what is going on in a patient without having to open them fully.

With traditional procedures, surgeons usually need to make a large incision and expose the spine to place screws or rods. Now you can place the same hardware through the small hole.

“We put screws and instruments through tiny tubes in the skin, but through … my glasses I can actually see a 3-D image of the patent’s spine, which is right over your body,” said the Southern Hills neurosurgeon Hospital, Dr. John Anson.

Doctors said it was a big change and a big improvement that is leading to better results and much faster and easier recoveries.

At the moment the technology is only being used in the lower spine, but eventually doctors at Southern Hills Hospital said they hope to use it in higher parts of the spine like the neck.

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