Las Vegas is home to some of the most beautiful spots for photography

Las Vegas is home to some of the most beautiful spots for photography

Here’s a list of top Las Vegas photographers that you can use to find the perfect spot. This article will show you great places to visit, whether you want to avoid tourists or capture photos with all of the glitter and lights. For photographers looking for views from the high vantage point, but with Fremont Street in the background, there are plenty of places to take photos.

Las Vegas is an amazing place for shutterbugs, with its quirky personality and gorgeous year-round weather. Many locations in the city offer unique experiences, as many visitors come here equipped with cameras. We have compiled a top-rated guide.

  1. The Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas has many beautiful locations that can be used for photography.

The Las Vegas Strip is a famous tourist attraction and the primary reason people travel to our glamorous Sin City. There is a constant stream of flashing lights that makes it a great place to take photos. Every casino has its own unique style and strives for excellence with bold architecture and creative decor. These elements are great for creating amazing photos such as the ones from vantage points at various locations along this famous road stretch, which we call The Strip! Make sure to capture your sightseeing. There is no way to bring professional equipment onto the property. Feel free to click if you have a camera phone.

  1. Dry Lake Bed

Vast barren deserts stretch out for miles and are covered with cracked, dried earth. You can see spiders stretching as far away as your eyes can see. Dry Lake Beds make for a fun backdrop to fashion, portrait, and wedding photography! If you are fortunate enough to have several of these within driving range of The Strip, which is often not crowded, and a few four-wheelers dirtbikes, it is possible to encounter them in the distance. One is just a few hundred yards south of the other on our Top Photography Sites list.

  1. Clark County Park:

This hidden gem is perfect for nature photographers and family portraits. It is surrounded by beautiful paths that wind through the diverse trees, shrubbery, and tall grasses. There’s always a new natural backdrop. You may find yourself with most of the park open to the public at all times. Bonus no entrance fee. Las Vegas Wetlands Park remains one of our favorite places to visit. This is a hidden gem that’s great for nature photographers as well family portraits photographers. There are many paths that go through high grass and brushy vegetation. Every turn creates a new background and opens up a secret location that can be easily found on its own at any time of the year.


No matter what your Las Vegas trip is, you’ll need to get a picture of it. There are some great spots all across the city. Depending on how far you travel downtown, it might be difficult to see all there is in the city with just one visit. We’re not sure if this is due to time constraints or not enough choices, but our list will guide anyone wanting to take photos in Las Vegas.


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