Las Vegas lady charged with arranging a person’s sting

A Las Vegas woman was accused of staging a stab that police said resulted from a dispute over a photo of famous boxer Ken Norton.

Heather Dahlberg, 31, is charged with attempted murder and conspiracy when she stabbed a man at a Sinclair gas station and Snackers grocery store on the 3300 block of Valley View Boulevard near Desert Inn Road on February 5.

The victim survived the attack at 9:40 a.m. He told police he went to the store to meet Dahlberg, whom he knew as “Heather Anderton”. He planned to return to Dahlberg a photo of Norton, known for defeating Muhammad Ali during a prolific boxing career.

“(Dahlberg) said the picture was of her and accused (the victim) of stealing the picture and asked for it back,” police said.

When the man got out of his car and grabbed the photo to return to Dahlberg, two men approached and one stabbed him in the back, police said. The video surveillance shows how the attackers get into Dahlberg’s car and drive away, the police said.

Dahlberg told police she had brought two men into the store to “beat up” the victim, and when one of the men jumped back into her car after the knife was stabbed, he told her the knife “went in like butter”. Dahlberg’s arrest report gives no indication of whether the two men were arrested or charged with Dahlberg.

Las Vegas Justice Court records show Dahlberg is expected to be back on trial on March 3rd.

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