Las Vegas man chews his way to the world eating popcorn crown

It was a voracious and romantic Sunday afternoon on the terrace of Beer Park, culminating in the coronation of Las Vegas-resident Matt Stonie as world champion popcorn and two other competitive eaters.

Stonie consumed more than 28 24-ounce boxes of popcorn in eight minutes to earn his title. That unbroken bravery came after Nick Wehry defeated two challengers by consuming 50 hard-boiled eggs in three minutes and four seconds, and championship chugger Eric “Badlands” Booker demonstrated his ability to make a gallon of soda in less than a minute to consume.

The three extraordinary exhibitions on the subject of Ingestion were all part of the DraftKings Red Carpet Film Feast and honored the films on Oscar day.

Shortly after 3 p.m. it started on the roof terrace in Paris Las Vegas. Booker beat Derek Hendrickson in a two-man race, consuming two 64-ounce glasses of soda.

“Soda is definitely harder than other drinks because you have to take care of the carbonation,” Booker said after the competition, where he let out a few well-timed burps.

It was followed by competitive eaters Michelle Lesco, Matt Hazzard, and Nick Wehry, who pay tribute to the 1967 film “Cool Hand Luke” to find out who can consume 50 hard-boiled eggs in the shortest possible time. It was Wehry who emerged victorious and put Paul Newman’s Luke Jackson (who took an hour to complete the feat in the film) to shame in just three minutes and four seconds.

After his competition, when interviewed by championship eater Miki Sudo, Wehry fell on one knee to suggest something to her. Sudo, a former Las Vegas resident who is pregnant with Wehry’s child, said “yes”.

With the preliminary rounds and one suggestion out of the way, the main event kicked off the world’s runner-up eater Joey Chestnut versus runner-up Geoff Esper and Las Vegas-based Stonie who holds a world record for eating 255 peeps in 5 minutes. Stonie emerged victorious.

“I’ve invested a lot of hours,” said the new champion of his training program. “I ate a lot of popcorn to prepare.”

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