Las Vegas Places Worth Photographing

Las Vegas Places Worth Photographing

This list will help you locate the best Las Vegas photography. This article can help you identify great spots, no matter if you’re trying to avoid tourists and/or want to capture all of the flashy lights and glamour. If you’re looking for views from above, there are many options available.

Las Vegas is known for its unique personality and beautiful year-round climate. This makes it a great place to take photos. Visitors come to Las Vegas with their cameras and many locations offer memorable experiences. Here is a list of top-rated places.

  1. The Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas’s main thoroughfare is dominated by the iconic “Welcome” symbol and Bellagio fountains.

The Las Vegas Strip is without doubt the most photographed location in Las Vegas. It’s also the reason that many people visit the sexy Sin City. As each casino attempts to surpass the others with their unique architecture or artistic decor, there is an endless supply of photogenic material. These elements produce great photos such as the ones taken from vantage points along the famous road stretch that we call The Strip. Do not forget to capture the sights! The property cannot be used for professional photography. Use your camera phone to take pictures.

  1. Dry Lake Bed

Vast barren expanses of flat, wide land stretch for miles in all directions, and are filled with dried, cracked soil. This spider web extends as far as your eye can see. Dry Lake Beds provide a backdrop for fashion, portrait, and wedding photography. It is rare to see more than one of these in driving distance from The Strip. Although it is not often crowded you might encounter a few four-wheelers dirt bikes out there. One of our Top Photography Places is located just a few minutes south of the other.

  1. Clark County Wetlands National Park:

This spot is great for both nature and portrait photographers. You’ll find a variety of natural backdrops around every corner, including stunning paths that weave through tall grasses, trees, and shrubbery. It is accessible to all, but the park is not open to the public. Locals and visitors alike may not know about it. Bonus no entrance fee. Las Vegas Wetlands Park ranks high on our list of favorite places to visit. This is a great spot for family portrait photographers as well as nature photographers. There are beautiful paths that wind through many types of trees, shrubs, and high grass. Each turn gives you a different background, a hidden location, and an open area that you can explore on your own.


No matter your reason for visiting Las Vegas, you will need a photograph of it. There are great spots all around the city. It all depends on how long your stay downtown. You may not be able to see everything in one visit. We haven’t yet provided enough options, so it’s possible that you won’t be able to see everything.

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