Las Vegas plans to open at 100% capacity in June

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Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced in a news conference that he plans to have every county in Nevada back to 100% capacity by June 1. This includes Las Vegas, one of the most visited cities in the United States.

Earlier this year, the state approved 50% capacity limits, including casinos, restaurants, bars, and live shows. After these announcements were made, Las Vegas tourism spiked, which is likely to happen again.

Nevada plans to reopen at 100% capacity by June

The governor announced that he is confident that every county in the state of Nevada can be 100% reopened by June 1st.

“Great strides have been made across Nevada in our response to COVID-19 to strengthen our partnerships, build capacity within our public health infrastructure, and vaccinate Nevadans,” said Governor Sisolak during the press conference.

Las Vegas Street at night

“Because of this progress, I am proud to announce a goal of having every county in Nevada reopen 100 percent on June 1st. I am confident that if the Nevadans remain vigilant we can achieve this as more and more people are being vaccinated together. “

The decision to reopen is now in the hands of the local counties. Some may opt to reopen with 100% capacity on May 1st, depending on the viral infection rate, vaccinations, testing, and other infrastructure requirements specific to their communities. Nye County has already announced plans to do so.

Clark County announces changes effective May 1st

Clark County, which also includes Las Vegas, has already released plans that will go into effect May 1st.

Las Vegas sign

Restaurants, bars and night clubs

The 50% capacity limits for bars and restaurants remain in place, while the capacity for outdoor dining is unlimited. The table capacity is increased from 6 to 10 people.

Buffets may be reopened with restrictions. An employee has to monitor every station, customers have to be offered a hand sanitizer, and the service utensils have to be changed every hour.

Las Vegas Strip at night

Adult entertainment venues and nightclubs can also be at 50% capacity. All employees must wear face shields and all users must wear a face mask when they are not actively eating, drinking, or smoking.

Frequent hand washing must be encouraged, and men’s clubs must provide routine cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and equipment with EPA-approved cleaning chemicals. Dance floors are prohibited when social distancing requirements apply.


Blackjack table

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Nevada are the state casinos. The Nevada Gaming Control Board will retain authority and be responsible for setting the guidelines for gaming days and casinos.

You have stressed that employee vaccinations will be key to the safe reopening of casinos. Game days are now limited to a capacity of 50%.

Major events

Starting May 1, large gatherings can be approved 120 days later if fewer than 1,250 cases are reported per week and the 14 day average percent positivity is less than 6%.

The Vegas, Nevada

Social distancing is no longer required by the state

Sisolak also announced that the statewide social distancing mandate will be lifted effective May 1st. Social distancing decisions will now be in the hands of local counties, according to the roadmap to recovery timeline previously announced by the state.

“To be clear, this doesn’t mean there will be no more social distancing in the state,” Sisolak said. “Any health official will agree that it is still an important prevention tool. This just means that the state no longer sets the requirements. This agency will now also move into the counties so they can make decisions based on what works best for their local jurisdictions. “

While the state transfers authority over social distancing to the counties, the statewide mask mandate remains in effect.

Visitors to Las Vegas wear masks

Covid-19 in Nevada

As of Tuesday, the state’s COVID-19 positivity rate was 5.2% over a 14-day period, falling out of the CDC’s recommended 5% rate.

Eligibility to vaccinate was opened April 5 to all Nevadans 16 and over. As of that week, around 40% have had at least one shot and 25% are fully vaccinated.

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