Las Vegas Raiders and Denver Broncos lead Aaron Rodgers’ favorites

Apparently, the teams at AFC West that don’t have quarterbacks named Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert want reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers to balance the balance.

Granted, it’s still a +550 bet that Rodgers won’t snap the Green Bay Packers’ first snap in 2021, but if he’s traded the Las Vegas Raiders and Denver Broncos appear to be at the forefront and try to acquire it him.

The Raiders have the latest sports betting offers as +700 favorites, closely followed by their rival in Denver (+900). The next teams on the list might surprise you, including the franchise that Herbert actually employs!

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Watch how Rodgers’s list of suitors shakes off:

team Aaron Rodgers trade quotas
Las Vegas Raiders +700
Denver Broncos +900
Los Angeles chargers +1000
Cleveland Browns +1200
Miami Dolphins +1200
New Orleans Saints +1200
Washington soccer team +1400
Carolina Panthers +1400

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Breakdown of Aaron Rodgers’ Best Trading Destinations

December 19, 2020; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, 12, watches while warming up before the game against the Carolina Panthers at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It hardly makes sense that the Los Angeles Chargers are the third favorites to land Rodgers. They already have Herbert and wouldn’t get nearly as many years out of the Packers’ caller compared to the bright future they seem to have with the # 6 of the 2020 Draft.

The Cleveland Browns are a fascinating place because they were built to win now. However, chances are they will continue with Baker Mayfield in the center.

Given what the Raiders would have to give up to get Rodgers, the fact that their division is so tough and their defense a pathetic disaster is one of the last places Rodgers wants to go.

In Denver, on the other hand, he would have a great skill position group with recipients like Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, KJ Hamler and Tim Patrick, and Noah Fant. The Broncos actually have a defense as well, but they may have to sacrifice multiple starters to land Rodgers, which would be worth it.

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Rodgers would be exactly the spark the Miami Dolphins need to become legitimate Super Bowl competitors. They have plenty of design capital to offer Green Bay and could even throw in Tua Tagovailoa as part of a trade package, which gives more flexibility to the pack’s succession plan as Jordan Love emerges as a stranger.

The Washington Football team have exceptional defense and with Rodgers they would be prohibitive favorites to win NFC East. This could be an attractive avenue for Rodgers, but Washington may have to part with at least one of its marquee defenders to allow a deal. It is also a traditionally dysfunctional organization.

Maybe the Carolina Panthers will rush and grab Rodgers even after trading for Sam Darnold. It’d be a bummer for the young QB, but who could blame Carolina for getting Rodgers to do an instant championship boost?

Rodgers will likely see the New Orleans Saints as an attractive travel destination. One big problem: you can’t afford it.

The best and most realistic goals for Rodgers seem to be in this order: 1) Dolphins (+1200);; 2) Broncos (+900);; 3) panthers (+1400). Lets see what happens.

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