Las Vegas Raiders NFL Draft Picks & Grades 2021

After several runs in the offensive line and holes in the entire squad, the Las Vegas Raiders are undergoing a renovation. With Derek Carr at the center and Darren Waller at the end, they still have talent to work with. How will they attack the 2021 NFL Draft and how will their picks be rated?

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Raiders Draft Picks in 2021

  • 17. Overall selection (R1-P17): Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama
  • 43. Overall selection (R2-P11): Trevon Moehrig, S, TCU
  • 79. Overall selection (R3-P16, from Arizona): Malcolm Koonce, EDGE, Buffalo
  • 80. Overall selection (R3-P17): Divine Deablo, LB / S, Virginia Tech
  • 143. Overall selection (R4-P38, compensation selection): Tyree Gillespie, S, Missouri
  • 167. Overall selection (R5-R23, from Seattle): Nate Hobbs, CB, Illinois
  • 230. Overall selection (R7-P2, from NY Jets): Jimmy Morrissey, C, Pittsburgh

Who did the Raiders design on Day 1?

With the 17th election in the NFL Draft 2021, the Las Vegas Raiders decided on an offensive tackle in Alabama Alex Leatherwood.

Las Vegas Raiders rated for the 2021 NFL Draft

The Raiders needed a proper device to replace Trent Brown, and they get that with Leatherwood.

Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama

His long arms and experience in the SEC are very appealing. The longtime starter from Alabama was able to excite Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock so much that he ended up in 17th place.

The Raiders have reshuffled their offensive line this off-season and are hoping that this new offensive line can help them get to a playoff berth. Carr can drive this talented Raiders offense as long as the offensive line protects him. Leatherwood’s tools and battle-hardened experience drew the Raiders to him.

Note: C.

Trevon Moehrig, S, TCU

The Raiders may have achieved something with Leatherwood in the first round. However, in the second round they find an excellent value. TCU security Trevon Moehrig fell straight into her lap. Moehrig presents a massive upgrade for a raiders team that urgently needs free security.

Grade: A +

Malcolm Koonce, EDGE, Buffalo

The Raiders have tried to improve both sides of the line in this 2021 NFL draft. Malcolm Koonce was a prolific and effective pass rusher for Buffalo this year. He’s raw and doesn’t have a big blanket, but he should be able to play productive football for Jon Gruden early in his career.

Grade: C +

Divine Deablo, LB / S, Virginia Tech

Blurring the line between security and linebacker, Divine Deablo Offers versatility and attitude towards a raiders defense that needs a talent shot on the second level. The Raiders have done a great job filling in all the layers of defense with their draft selections for 2021. Deablo will line up everywhere for Gruden at WILL, Nickel, and Strong Security.

Grade B

Tyree Gillespie, S, Missouri

One of the most extensive and versatile safeguards in the class. Tyree Gillespie has the athletic ability to be a single high free security in midfield and a matchup piece in man reporting.

Grade: B +

Nate Hobbs, CB, Illinois

The Raiders had to deal with the depth problems in the defensive backfield. Nate Hobbs gives you a safe handling of CB with lightning capability. He could possibly even get to safety.

Grade: B +

Jimmy Morrissey, C, Pittsburgh

The Raiders continue to address the line with the selection of Jimmy Morrissey. It is experienced and well developed and offers Las Vegas depth of quality. Will he get the chance to fight for a place on the grid?

Grade: C +

Las Vegas Raiders Overall Rating: A-

Although they achieved a little for Alex Leatherwood, the Raiders found really good value throughout the design. Trevon Moehrig was arguably Day 2’s best pick. Malcolm Koonce, Divine Deablo and Tyree Gillespie should all play a decent number of snaps this year. Jimmy Morrisey could be your starting center, after all.

The team needs Las Vegas to get into the NFL Draft

The raiders are in the process of rebuilding holes and competing with them in many places.


The Raiders currently have veteran Jeff Heath planned as their free launch security. This would mean upgrading, either by design or afterwards with a free agent.


The Raiders are missing a real MIKE linebacker who can be Jon Grudens quarterback in defense. Expect them to target the position early on.


Although the Raiders have been spending some early cornerback selections lately, they still need a better corner game. Whether it’s an early pick fighting to get started or a later pick filling the depth map, this is where the draft of the capital must be spent.

Offensive tackle

In particular, the right approach is a need. The Raiders have moved Brown this off-season and are currently expected to launch Brandon Parker. You should be able to find a newbie in this class to take this starting place.

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