Las Vegas Raiders Roster Rating: Hunter Renfrow

The 2021 NFL draft is complete, and that means teams across the NFL are in the process of putting all their rosters together.

The Las Vegas Raiders are likely no different than they were before a pivotal fourth season of the second Jon Gruden era.

Because of this, we’re going to be going through the roster ratings for the Raiders players and position groups to see how everyone’s stocks measure up into the summer.

If we keep looking at the broad recipients of the team, let’s move to the wideout for the third year Hunter Renfrow.

Renfrow, an earlier fifth-round election, has already proven to be way more than one would expect from a late-round election.

That’s what happens when Renfrow, as a rookie at 49, got all of the Raider wideouts in receptions.

Renfrow repeated that final season with a total of 56 catches for 656 yards and two touchdowns.

He was named the Raiders’ best wide receiver for the last two seasons by Pro Football Focus and finished 42nd or better out of 120 plus qualified players.

Quite simply, Renfrow has already become a reliable safety valve for Derek Carr, especially when it comes to the third failure.

It so happens that he earned the nickname “Third Down and Renfrow” for his inclination to keep making important third-down catches.

Renfrow is the perfect complement among them. Henry Ruggs III and John Brown as well as Darren Waller are the perfect compliments.

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