Las Vegas Raiders Roster Rating: Marcus Mariota, Nathan Peterman

The NFL draft for 2021 is now complete, and that means teams across the NFL are in the process of assembling their entire roster.

The Las Vegas Raiders are likely no different than they were before a pivotal fourth season of the second Jon Gruden era.

Because of this, we’re going to be going through the roster ratings for the Raiders players and position groups to see how everyone’s stocks measure up into the summer.

We started by looking at the initial situation of the raiders with many years of experience Derek Carr.

Now is the time to see who’s behind the Raiders’ start signal caller, what fans saw in live games over the past season.

Against the Los Angeles Chargers in week 15, Carr had to end the game early due to an injury.

In his place, former Tennessee Titans starter Marcus Mariota stepped in and made an inspiring performance.

Mariota played the remainder of the game, including overtime, completing 17 of 28 passes for 226 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

He also played a few games with his legs, rushing for 88 yards and a touchdown to just nine stretches.

Mariota displayed the dual threat ability he still possesses in this game and it was apparently enough for other teams to inquire about the trade for him.

In the end, he stayed with the Raiders and also made a pay cut.

Mariota’s presence gives the Raiders someone who can step in if necessary and give them a legitimate chance of victory.

The same doesn’t apply to third quarterback Nathan Peterman, who doesn’t have much to do with his playing time in his three-year career.

As the third QB, however, the Raiders are obviously comfortable with Peterman, having resigned him to a one-year contract this off-season.

It’s a move that completes the Raiders QB room for 2021 and keeps them prepared should Carr suffer another injury.

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