Las Vegas Raiders Roster Rating: Maxx Crosby

The 2021 NFL draft is now behind us, and that means teams across the NFL are in the process of putting all their rosters together.

The Las Vegas Raiders are likely no different than they were before a pivotal fourth season of the second Jon Gruden era.

Because of this, we’re going to be going through the roster ratings for the Raiders players and position groups to see how everyone’s stocks measure up into the summer.

It’s no secret how badly the Raiders have needed help over the past few seasons.

They’ve taken steps to help with that this off-season (more on that soon), but they’ll also need their local players to keep improving their production.

One player who has managed to provide consistent production to the Raiders is the defensive end. Maxx Crosby.

Crosby, the previous pick in the fourth round of 2019, has sacked the Raiders for the past two seasons.

That includes a 10-sack season as a rookie in 2019, followed by seven sacks last season when he was often doubly together.

Crosby has been a player on the Raiders’ defensive line who has delivered this type of production for the past two seasons.

Because of this production, Crosby could be up for an expansion in the near future.

By then, there should be no doubt about his status as the linchpin of the Raiders’ line of defense.

If anything, the Raiders may need Crosby to be even better so they have the best chance of making the playoffs.

They need to be upgraded internally by a number of players, and if there’s a defender on the Raiders who can, it’s Crosby.

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